The Awakening

I have always had a connection to the divine intelligence for as long as I can remember. As a child, I would have conversations with friends in a language that wasn’t of this world. My mom would ask what I was doing. Nothing I’d reply just talking to my friends, I’m sure this must have seemed a bit odd but children do have an active imagination. As I approached maturity and I started to develop my analytical mind. I started to become aware that I experienced the world differently than most. Being aware that in my family tree there was mental illness I became concerned as I’m sure other people around me did as well. As I laid there convinced something was wrong with me, questioning whether the way I experienced the world was in my own mind, was I even of sound mind. I heard a voice in my head answer these ever growing questions that were inside of me. Mental illness is a choice a state of being, you chose your path. You can choose to become knowledgeable instead. Why I asked? When you become knowledgeable you begin to understand. How will this help me?  When you understand something you can accept it. What good will this do me? When you accept something you are on the path to healing and creating from the heart. How do I know this communication is real? You can’t see me,  I know. You can’t touch me, this is true. But you know I’m real when I give you strength when you thought you had none. Ever since then I made the choice to become knowledgeable about the divine intelligence.

The connection

In My 20’s  I remember sitting one night at the dinner table having a feeling of knowing my dad would pass in five years. I didn’t understand how I could know that this was happening. My uncle came to visit me that evening he asked me what was wrong. I told him in five years my dad would be dead and I can’t stop it from happening. Five years later I was sitting outside enjoying a quiet evening. I felt his presence with me.

I knew in my heart he connected with me for his last moments, I immediately felt sadness flood my heart followed by tears of release. The next day at work I got news that my dad had died. I had no reason to think this was going to happen as it had been several months since I had seen or talked to him. But we were still connected and in that moment of his passing I knew.

The Vibrational energy of Creation

My family has been in the grocery industry for three generations as a teenager I grew up in this business. Working in the grocery industry become familiar to me, it was the known. I always felt that at some point I would need to leave the industry for good but also acknowledge the tools it taught me. After my dads passing I made an attempt to follow my dreams and went overseas for 5 months to study the divine intelligence at the Arthur Findlay College. When I came back I had decided I wanted to share what I had learned. I attracted to me like-minded people and started running awareness groups.

During this time I was motivated on what I was materially getting from these services I was offering. Ultimately I didn’t achieve my desired outcome. Feeling failure and becoming emotionally attached to the outcome I went back to the familiarity of the grocery industry. Several years later I was inspired to start up an awareness group for the second time. This time however I did not attach my self to the outcome and I achieved the desired outcome. Later that year I was inspired to create something new, a home-based business to assist people through the awakening process, healing and creating from the heart.