A Message to the Old Souls: You are Here for a Reason

This is a message to the old souls:  you are here for a reason.  We know that many, at times, find it difficult and would rather escape to another reality.  For some of you, the hardest part about being in your reality is being present in your reality.  Many of you have forgotten the importance of sitting with your feelings and working through them.  Some of you constantly look for reasons to escape your reality.  Many of you become overwhelmed with the events and circumstances in your life, feeling powerless by what’s happening, not understanding that you created your reality. You are doing it to yourselves.

True, there are world events that are not of your doing, that are a part of a greater design that is beyond your understanding or control. What you fail to recognize is just how powerful you are as a collective of old souls, light workers and star seeds together, you can change things for the better.

Many of the old souls struggle because of this constant yearning for what some call home or what others would call source or even the creator. What we want you to know is that this separation isn’t real.  It’s an illusion that has been created by the fear and disharmony that exist in your reality in an effort to keep you stuck in a prison of your own mind.  As the veil of the illusion is lifted and you wake up to the idea that you are still a part of source, of the creator, that sadness you feel, this longing for home, will start to disappear and you will realize home is in your heart.  Home is where you can express your love openly and honestly for everything in creation. Home isn’t a destination, it’s who you are.  You just forgot.

Many of you have all ready begun to realize that you have a role to play in the creation of a better reality, where the separation that so many feel will start to dissolve. You might call this new reality ‘New Earth’.  We are hesitant to say it’s better, but for many of you, that’s how you understand it. 

We would say that this is humanities’ next step in remembering that you are a part of something so much bigger than you ever thought possible. You are all beginning to recognize that you’re a part of source and that in a way you never left. You just forgot how to become aware of these other parts of you that exist in this place many of you call home.

Home, to us, is place where there is no separation, where there is no fear, where there is only love and compassion.  You can all experience this without having to actually go anywhere physically.  If you would only realize that the portal, the door, lives within you.  Your heart is where the source lives.  That’s where the real you is.  The you that is love and compassion. The you that accepts and loves all of creation just as it is.

Just by being in your reality, learning how to be in a physical body and allowing yourself to open your heart, you are paving the way for others to follow.  This is why it’s so important that you stay present in your physical reality.  To all of you who call yourselves old souls or light workers or even star seeds, you are doing important work whether you realize it or not.  Just by being here and making an effort, you are making a difference. You are assisting others in shifting to this new reality called New Earth, this reality where there is only love and compassion, a reality where there is no more fear.  You matter.  The you that you are right now matters.  We love you for everything you are trying to do.  We love you for even trying.  You truly are brave and courageous just for showing up.  You are brave and courageous for trying to make a difference no matter how big or small.  We love you.  Remember that.

Inspired by the Divine Intelligence

Created Just for you

Written by Jon Wilkinson

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