Did I Try My Best in My Life

A lot of you are being asked at this time to answer this question. As you reflect and review your life at this time “Did I try my best?” Sometimes in life we don’t try our best to forgive people who’ve hurt us. We don’t try our best to heal and sometimes we don’t try our best to live the life we’ve always dreamed of. Sometimes it’s easier to quit and give up. And for a lot us we end up having regrets in our lives and we end up being hard on ourselves as a result.

This  channeled message is intended to help you navigate your limiting beliefs about yourself and help you look at yourself with softer eyes. And hopefully help you try your best in your lives. A lot of us spend our entire lives trying to be something we’re not supposed to be instead of just being ourselves. Life is filled with many ups and downs and never turns out exactly how we imagine it.  But as long as you try your best to be who your soul is encouraging you to be, learning the life lessons this reality of fear has to offer, that’s all the universe can ask of you.

Channeled Message

Many of you worry too much about how people see you and it stops you from being who your soul is encouraging you to be.  Some of you find yourselves wondering how you will be remembered by family and friends. You put all your attention into what the world tells you you are and how you have to be in order to be accepted and remembered in a positive way.

As you dwell on all the regrets in your life, worrying that people won’t remember you the way you’d liked to be remembered, it stops you from shining your light in the world and living the life you dreamed of.  We would say to you that when you leave your physical reality, it won’t matter to you how people thought of you or remembered you for your life on earth is but one small part of all you really are. When you reflect on the life you’ve lived on our side of the veil, you will contemplate this one question, “Did I try my best?”  To elaborate, “Did I try my best to learn the difficult life lessons of life or did I run from them? Did I face my fears in life or did I let my fear control me? Did I try my best to forgive people when they hurt me or betrayed my trust?  Did I try my best to forgive myself when I made a mistake?”

If you were to shift to this non-physical reality right now, how would answer the question of whether you tried your best.  We encourage you in this moment to answer this question as truthfully as you can and write down your answer. Your answer might surprise you! Let your soul speak the truth to you. Now, if you answered, “No, I didn’t try my best. There are areas in my life where I could have tried harder,” then we encourage you to take a few moments today and answer this follow-up question: is there something you can do today in your physical reality that will allow you to answer, “Yes, I did my best”.  Is there an action you can take today that will move you closer to saying, “Yes, I did try my best to live the life my soul wanted me to live”.

One of the biggest heartaches and tragedies is not trying your best to heal, forgive and learn the lessons of your physical reality. There is still plenty of time for you to try your best. You’re not done yet. The adventure of life still has more to offer you if you’re willing to get back up again and try your best.

Will you try your best or will you be the one on the other side of the veil reviewing your life and being upset with yourself that you gave up too soon and didn’t try your best? This is your story to experience and you are the author and creator of your life.  Are you happy with your story or is it time for a rewrite? The choice is yours to make.  What will you choose?

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Written by Jon Wilkinson

Inspired by the Divine Intelligence

Created just for You