The Path to New Earth

This is a channeled message from spirit to help illuminate the path to New Earth. When I think of New Earth, I see it as a reality where there is no fear, no chaos and no more dysfunction, where there is only love and compassion. To me, the path to New Earth is a choice, a state of being.  We are all being given the same choice:  do we choose a reality of fear or one of love and compassion?

A Channeled Message from Spirit  – The Path to New Earth

We see you sitting in the silence of your mind, wondering when things will get better, overwhelmed with the grief of the world and the circumstances in your life.  So many of you want to run and hide from the pain as you are confronted with your own fears as they become manifest in your reality.  Understand that this isn’t a punishment, this is a gift from the universe to help you heal the parts of yourselves you can’t see.  You are being given an opportunity to heal and become so much more than you ever thought possible. 

Many of you ask, “When can I go to this New Earth?  When can I experience this heaven on Earth?”  To you we would say this: when you stop choosing fear and choose love, you will be granted access to this new reality called New Earth. We can’t make this journey for you and you can’t make this journey for anyone else. It is up to each individual to choose their reality. Hopefully, they will choose a reality of love over the reality of fear.

All we can do is help you see what you’re afraid to see in yourself. These circumstances unfolding in your life, this hurt, pain and suffering some of you endure is a precious gift from us to you.  It’s an opportunity to step out of the darkness of the fear that you hold so close to your hearts and into the light where the truth lives, where love can be expressed and received freely without judgment or persecution.

It’s not up to you to save anyone.  All you can do is tell yourself the truth about yourself and honour that. You might get it wrong sometimes. You might say the wrong thing and you will probably cause someone some pain or grief and that’s ok. Understand we are all mirrors for each other and all that fear, pain and hurt is being pulled out of so many of you in a very abrupt way. And for some it feels like it’s all too much.  Many of you have already thrown in the towel. Consumed by the misdeeds of the past, consumed by world events, pain and suffering are overwhelming the senses. 

Some of you embrace that you’re here for a reason and will fight to your last breath just to be of service. For others, you do what you have to do just to get through another day in the hopes that tomorrow will be a better day. We would ask this of you:  don’t spend your days here wishing for something better.  That is the wrong action to take.  Instead, we would ask this of you: feel the change you want to experience in your heart and let the feeling of love and compassion be your north star guiding you to New Earth.

Many of you understand that what you believe to be true in your heart becomes your reality.  Don’t think of New earth as a destination but instead think of it like a state of being. This reality known as New Earth, this next evolution in humanity’s consciousness is just that: a next step, a reality that promises to be a reality of love and compassion where fear doesn’t exist. The path to New Earth asks that there is no more fear in your hearts, only love and compassion for yourself and for humanity.

We know this is no small task when everything in your reality is showing you how afraid you should be.  Many of you would rather fight and destroy one another than just express to one another how you feel.  It’s become second nature to attack each other, holding onto memories of the past rather than expressing your true feelings. This is the true tragedy from our eyes. If you could only see what we see, you would understand just how foolish it is to fight with one another. The truth is, in this new reality of New Earth, there is more than enough for everybody to be abundant and live a free, happy and fruitful life.

But you need to be willing to let go of past grudges, past hurts and let go of the fear you hold onto like a best friend. The fear is what binds you to this reality. This fear is of your own making, your own design. We have seen many fall from grace and we suspect many more will fall from grace. We do not judge those who may have fallen from grace. We know all too well the challenges that exist in your reality.

We only wish to offer you counsel and our support in this trying time as you navigate the chaos of your reality. We wish you to know you are not bad for having negative thoughts. You are not bad for lashing out at someone because they trigger you.  We are proud of you for just being here and making an effort to change your thoughts into more positive ones.  It takes a courageous soul to be here in your reality at this time. It’s our hope that you don’t throw in the towel.  Realize that no matter how small you think you are, how little you think you can change, the you that you are right now in your reality matters more than you can ever know.  Together you can shift into a new a reality, a new level of consciousness that is love. 

You are being given a choice to hold onto your fear or let it go and choose to accept and embrace a reality of love and compassion. It requires you to make an effort and to keep your attention on the you that already exists in New Earth, the you that has let go of the fear of past mistakes and grudges.  This is your journey, your experience and your lesson to learn. Will you choose to take the path to New Earth or will you remain in the old way, the old reality of fear and disharmony?  The choice is yours.


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Inspired by the Divine Intelligence

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Written by Jon Wilkinson