Discover the Pathway to the Ascension of You

Many of us on this journey of waking up have at one time or another contemplated what is ascension and more specifically, where exactly am I ascending to? To this spirit world? To this different space and time where there is no time? But why? If that’s where I came from, why would I come down to this lower vibrational space in time? The answer is simpler than we realize:  there is something to be learned and gained from the life the experiences of this lower vibrational space in time. You see, to discover the pathway of the ascension of you, there is a key component we need to understand first:  complete understanding and acceptance of all things in creation. The only way to keep moving up to the higher vibrational spaces in time is to experience more love for all these things, theses experiences, which means you need to experience these different vibrations of you in an effort to acquire the necessary personality development. The doorway that opens the pathway to the ascension of you will only open to you when you actually have the appropriate personality development through life experience. 

The question you then need to ask is: how much experience is required and how do you know you’re even having the right experiences? The short answer is that this lower vibration of you probably has no clue what it’s even doing most of the time. The higher vibration of you has matters well at hand. The higher vibration of you, or your higher self as a lot of us call it, has access to these lower vibrational vibrations of you. As you begin to understand and accept your true self, your true nature, you may begin to enter a state of being of union with this higher vibration of you. In doing so you are now  capable of accessing information that this higher vibration of you has learned. But only the information that your current state of being, your consciousness, can accept and can handle. The purpose of this is to create an appropriate template for a more complete program of you, a program that will allow you to accept more completely all things in creation without the emotional attachments that we now possess in this physical time and space. It is our driving need to control the outcome that stops this state of being of union with our higher vibration self. 

We are in  constant state of flux in the uncertainty of life. We think we know what we’re supposed to be doing only to find out that we’ve been doing it all wrong. We spent years learning to be a well educated clone, a cog in the wheel, only to discover that everything we knew to be true was either completely wrong or incomplete. Why is it that you feel you need to know exactly how things will play out? Why do you need to run to the psychic or medium to tell you what you’re supposed to be doing or hear from someone you trust in a different vibration and have them tell you what to do? The vibration of you that exists within the vibration of love which you can access through the experience of love, already knows what will happen because it exists in a space in time, a place where there is no time, which means it has access to all the experiences you have had and all that you haven’t had. If you’re wondering if that’s really true, why wouldn’t this higher self just tell you what to do? Did it ever occur to you that maybe this vibration of you has been doing just that?  You were just stuck in the dysfunctional way of being? You were just not ready to hear what it had to tell you the truth about you? The reality is, if you knew the whole picture, the whole plan, it’s doubtful you would actually do it. The sure scope of what you’re supposed to do may seem too big, that you would run in fear or just do nothing. For this reason, most of us will only be given small snippets of information as it is deemed necessary by the higher vibration of you. You’re not in control. You never were. You just thought you were. 

During the evolutionary process, it will be proven to you just how little control you actually have. Control will only be given back to you when the higher vibration of you deems you are actually ready. Would you hand a child your car keys before they acquired the knowledge and experience necessary to drive the car?  I hope not. So why do you assume that complete control will be given to you when more than likely you’d just crash and keep crashing until you have the necessary knowledge? This is a slow process. Don’t be in such a rush to get all the answers you seek to rush to the finish line. You can’t really control the outcome. Not yet at least. You haven’t really learned to be a proficient creator. But if you do the work: let go of the outcome, stop obsessing about all the things you don’t have and why things aren’t working the way you’d like, put your trust and faith back into yourself, the vibration of you, and know that you are ok, that in this moment in time you are exactly where you’re supposed to be, and tomorrow and the day after that, you will be exactly where you’re supposed to be, too. Can you allow yourself to be content in the not knowing the future and just experience the now? Or will you strive to be the psychic, the medium that knows all this information about what will be and what’s going on with these other intelligences in their vibration of existence and be completely cut off from your vibration, what you’re supposed to be doing in your space in time.  

The simple truth is the same for all of us: to heal then create.  What form that takes will vary from person to person. Take a seat. Be quiet. Still your mind and let go of the outcome. Be grateful for you and all you’ve experienced and all you have yet to experience. If you can do that even for a brief moment, you have taken a step to discovering the pathway to the ascension of you. But will you? Well, that’s up to you.

Inspired by the divine Intelligence

Created just for you

Written by Jon Wilkinson