Do you want to know how start your shadow work?

What is Shadow Work?

Do you want to know how start your shadow work? To begin I first want to explain what exactly shadow work is. The term shadow work may seem like a dark, unpleasant term.  It’s always been my perception that shadow work isn’t dark at all but rather a practice that allows you to become the observer of your own unconscious programs.  Shadow work allows you to change your dysfunctional programs that you are running all day long and turns them into functional programs which changes your energy, allowing you to become a new person and giving your spirit the ability to shine brightly as it was intended it to be.

How to Start Your Shadow Work

Do you struggle with doing your shadow work—not knowing where to start or even what shadow work really is?  A lot of us that do their shadow work get lost in the idea that we need to spend a lot of time reliving, revisiting those hurtful memories of our past.  I take a completely different approach to doing shadow work, inner work and self healing.  In this blog I will be sharing with you how to start your shadow work using a three step process that I created as a teenager.  This process will allow allow you to do your own inner work and self healing.

What Motivated Me to do My Shadow Work?

As a teenager, I struggled with aspects of my own spiritual life.  I had never even heard of things like shadow work. I always enjoyed writing. I found it therapeutic. I decided I would write my whole life story focusing on the emotionally charged events to help me process and heal. I had this idea in my head that I would need this later for something. I just didn’t know when or even why. I was just trusting myself and my own inner guidance. This is where the three step process gave its first breath.

What Did I do With the Book After it Was Done?

I read it a few times but I didn’t really do anything with it.  It didn’t seem irrelevant to keep reading and reliving the memories of the past.  I didn’t fully understand why that was so important until years later when I started to learn more about the power of our own mind, how it is the story we tell ourselves that is creating our perception of our world and it is our perceptions that create our lives.  I now know that it is the story I tell myself that creates my programs.  It is my programs that create my energy, the signal that I broadcast all day long into the field. It is this signal that is shaping my reality as I am currently perceiving it. 

How to Start Your Shadow Work:

Step One:  Writing the Story of Your Past

I’ve broken this process down into three parts and I want to stress this.  The first step is to write down your life story. You don’t need to do it all at once.  Don’t worry about every little detail.  Focus on the bigger events for those will be the story that you’re telling yourself all day long.  It is this story that is creating your life.  Our goal is to create awareness around the story you’re telling yourself all day long.  I don’t want you dwelling on your past.  Once you have written your story, I want you to put it away.  Who knows? There might be a book in there somewhere down the road.

Step Two: Writing the Story of Your Future

Now it’s time to start to write the story of your future:  the life you envision yourself to be living as you grow into a spiritually mature person.  Again, don’t stress about every little detail.  The important part about this is to focus on how you want to feel.  I want you to write this story of your future as though it’s already happened.  Write it as though you are remembering it.  These are the memories of your future.  We are laying the foundation for your new program that will change your energy thereby changing the signal you broadcast out into the field, moving you towards the future you want to be living.

We know it’s the feelings that will animate your story and bring it to life. I want you to think of it like getting into a vehicle. Your story of your future is your destination but you can’t get there without any gas. The gas is the feeling that connects you to the memories of your future. Discover what feeling will be your gas, your fuel that will carry you to this future. Focus on that!

The Reason for Writing Your Story of the Future as Though it’s Already Happened

I want you to understand why why it’s important to write your story of your future as though it’s already happened. One of the stumbling blocks many of us face when we are attempting to create our future is we are separate from it. We need to become it. We need to believe it’s already happened, creating connection and wholeness with it.  When we’re in separation, we are in a state of being of lack, of not having. We need to create a state of being of having the outcome, allowing us to be in union with it. The longer we can teach ourselves to stay in union with the outcome we are creating, the faster it will become manifest in our lives.

Step Three: Creating the Audio Book of You

This is the third and final step on to how I approach shadow work, inner work and self healing. We are now going to create your own personal audio book, the memories of your future. I want you to record yourself reciting your story of the future focusing on how you feel. Then I want you to listen to your audio book everyday. It is the repetition of this story that will create your program, the program that will create the energy that will broadcast this new signal that will carry you to the future you do want.

Written by Jon Wilkinson

Inspired by the Divine Intelligence

Created just for you