Learning How to Trust the Universe

One of the biggest challenges so many of us face is learning how to trust the universe and that the universe does has a plan for us. A lot of us call this our life purpose, our reason for being here in this reality. We struggle with this as it requires us to let go of needing to control the outcome because it’s the unknown. For so many of us, we only feel safe if we can control and predict the outcomes in our lives. It’s this needing to control everything that hinders our soul’s purpose and our own soul’s growth.

Why We are Afraid of the Unknown

The biggest reason why I have always struggled with the unknown is fear and I do believe this holds true for so many of us. We are afraid of what we don’t understand. At the end of the day, we all want to know that we’re safe and protected at all times, that nothing bad will happen to us, that we will always be loved by the universe. 

To step into the the unknown requires trust in something we can’t perceive with our physical senses: a force, an intelligence that is greater than we can even comprehend. This intelligence to me is a lot like a loving parent. A parent who loves us unconditionally. I’ve used this analogy to describe our spirt guides before and I think it fits here as well.

Imagine a small child learning to ride a bicycle and a loving parent walking behind them with their hand on the child’s shoulder, supporting them as they pedal their little legs. Eventually, the parent lets go and the child rides that bicycle all by themselves. That child is you and that parent is that intelligence that walks behind you supporting you as you step into the unknown to learn something new, to have a new experience.

How do We Learn to Trust in Spirt and the Universe?

To me, trusting in spirit and  learning how to trust the universe has always been a slow process. I see it like a relationship and just like any relationship it takes time to build trust and a meaningful connection. I would suggest very few of us just trust the universe without hesitation at first. Many of us go through a set of trials, things we need to overcome that will allow us to create that relationship of trust with the universe. What I have learned from my own journey is that once I have learned to trust someone a little bit, over time that trust builds. I can allow myself to trust them more and more. Why should trusting the universe or spirit be any different?

The Dark Night of the Soul is Teaching You to Surrender

The dark night of the soul is best described by some as an experience in our life where our life seems to fall apart. We lose a bunch of stuff, sometimes money, sometimes people in our lives, our relationships fall apart or we lose our job. We find ourselves in this pit of despair trying to figure out what happened. Why did I lose all this stuff?  It’s been my experience it’s because it was time to let it go of the things, people and objects in your life that were holding you back from stepping into the unknown because you were holding onto things that weren’t allowing you to grow and evolve into what your soul wants you to become. 

The universe does have a plan for each and every one of us but we have to learn to let go and surrender to the process. What we need to remember is the unknown is where your soul, the real you, gets to shine its light bright, allowing you to become more like the real you and less like the actor you’ve been playing your whole life.

Trusting the Universe is Not Easy

It’s no easy task to surrender when learning how to trust the universe and the divine plan. It’s my belief that this is all created by you at a level of consciousness that you are usually completely unaware of. So no, the universe isn’t punishing you. Together you created this experience to teach you to let go and surrender to something greater than what you think you are. Many of us may have multiple dark nights of the soul. I know I have.

Every time I’ve gone through the dark night of the soul, I always come out the other side a better person. I become more loving, more caring, more compassionate and understanding of people. I see new opportunities where I thought there were none. I see light where I once only saw darkness. And every time, I had to reach a point of complete, unconditional surrender and acceptance that this was making room for something even better in my life, that the universe wanted to give me something even better than what I could imagine for myself. But the only way I could receive it is by getting rid of all the things that were holding me back. The things and influences in my life that were limiting me. 

To me, learning how to trust the universe has allowed me to feel safe in the unknown. I feel loved and protected in the presence of spirit and the vastness of the universe.  Just by showing up and agreeing to do the work, to keep trying my best to let go and surrender to the process, I have taken steps towards the path that the universe and myself have agreed to walk together. I am fulfilling my life’s purpose. My question to you is this: are you willing to build a relationship of trust with the universe and allow it to support you on your journey in this reality?

Written by Jon Wilkinson

Inspired by the Divine Intelligence

Created Just for You