Discover the Truth About the Divine Intelligence

The divine intelligence exists within the higher vibrations of love. They exist within the vibration of love where time does not exist. They allow this vibration to be shared with you in a way that the program of you can accept, in a way that your consciousness  is ready for and in an attempt to show you that you are a divine intelligence, too. The only difference is you are incarnate.  Your divine intelligence is housed in a body. They are discarnate.  They are housed within the higher vibrations of love. It is an evolutionary process that mankind is undergoing to exist in the higher vibrations of love. This process has the potential to repair the damage to the global vibration of creation. 

The biggest obstacle a lot of us face is that we expect things to be a certain way in our lives. We feel we are owed. We forget that it’s not all about us. We are here to do a job. To repair our own dysfunctional programming so we can pass on a better programming to the next generation. Through repairing our dysfunctional programming, we will naturally become more love. We are a divine intelligence, too.  We do exist in the vibration of love but our dysfunctional programming stops us from staying in that space where our divine intelligence exists. We get triggered. We react to our environment in a negative way. We get addicted to the familiar dysfunctional experiences in our life not because we enjoy it, not because we like it, but because we were programmed to be this way. We were programmed to be this way over time. 

At the moment of birth we were greeted by those who love us, surrounded by the vibration of love. That is how we are intended to be. For many of us, as our life unfolds, we have experiences that cause us pain. We get lost in the dysfunctional programming of pain, fear and regret. This became the program of you. And you allowed it to happen. Why did you allow this to happen? You don’t like it. It doesn’t feel good, but it became who you are. You became disconnected from your divine intelligence. The divine intelligence can only exist within the vibration of love and because it can only exist in the vibration of love, you can’t communicate with it in a dysfunctional state of being. It is an intelligence that is unique to you and works in conjunction with the program of you. In order for you to be able to work with it, you need to repair your dysfunctional programming. Through this, you will create a program that allows you to think with your heart. With the higher vibrations of love, you can now give your divine intelligence a voice. This new voice has a purpose, a reason for being. 

You have an important job to do. I can’t tell you what that job is. Only your divine intelligence knows that. The problem is, most of us have difficulty trusting our own divine intelligence.  It’s easier to stay stuck in the familiar. We feel safer in the familiar.  When we first begin to develop a relationship with this divine intelligence, it is foreign to us, even scary and unsettling at times. Sometimes, what is asked of us seems impossible to do. We get scared and stay stuck in the familiar in the program of our own dysfunctional programming. We wonder when things will get better get easier for us as we go about our lives. Your divine intelligence was trying to help you with that. You weren’t listening to it. If you were, things would be getting better. You made the choice to stay stuck in the familiar within your own dysfunctional programming. But what if you made another choice?  What if you took the time to listen to your own divine intelligence?  But how do you even know if it’s really your own divine intelligence or just your imagination? The short answer is you can’t really know that for sure until you’re given actual evidential proof that it is even real. Proof that what you think it’s telling you is correct. No, don’t accept seeing 11:11 everywhere as proof or evidence! Instead, ask for something small to happen in a way that you  didn’t expect. Give me proof!  Give me an experience that I can’t possibly logic away with my analytical mind! Then give it to me again! If there is no actual proof or evidence to be found, then chances are it’s your own imagination, your wish fulfilment on what you want to have or have happen. Your analytical mind serves a purpose so don’t dismiss it so easily! Take your time, go slow, be patient and allow your own divine intelligence to work with you in way that is right for you, in way you can accept. Together, you can reach your full potential and fulfill your purpose whatever that may be. I hope you take the time to be still and listen to your divine intelligence and allow its voice to be heard and shared with those around you. The choice is yours. I hope you make the correct one.

Inspired by the divine Intelligence

Created just for you

Written by Jon Wilkinson