Understanding The Three Keys to Unlocking Your Inner Medium

Mediumship today is going through an evolutionary awakening as we all shift and grow with it. The old way of thinking no longer fits. The mediums of tomorrow understand this. It used to be when we would hear the word medium that all anyone would hear is: oh, that’s like talking to the dead people, right? And for a lot of us that’s still the case. To fully understand and comprehend the three keys to unlock you inner medium, this way of thinking needs to dissolve. Mediumship is so much more than just ‘the dead people.’ To unlock your inner medium, first you need to understand this. We are all mediums. We have within us the capacity to be touched by spirit in some way, shape or form. If you are capable of experiencing love, you are capable of having a mediumistic experience. Mediumship is primarily broken down into three facets: inspiration, communication and of course healing. 

The First Key Personality Development

The first key to unlock your inner medium is personality development. At the forefront of this is your willingness to be of service and integrity in all your life decisions and the wisdom to know when to act and when to do nothing and allow someone to experience their own life without meddling or interference. By getting involved you could be doing more harm than good. These personality traits can’t really be taught, only learned through life experience. Do your parents and role models play a part in this development? Absolutely they do but ultimately the choice is yours what personality traits you accept or reject. And understand this: no one is perfect. We all have flaws to unlock this first key, perfection, is not required. No one is asking you to be a saint. But what is asked of you is a willingness to do better, to be better and to be the best possible you that you can be.

The Second Key Programming to Allow for the Mystical to Unfold into Your Life

This is an important key to understand. A lot of us say we don’t have an imagination or we believe in spirit or the angels or whatever you wanna call it. But you never really experience them. I would say that you haven’t actually turned on the program. Here’s what you need to understand:  your thoughts and feelings create your story which in turn creates your program which creates your energy which then gives life to your story. So as children many of you were told a story by a parent or a grandparent about something magical. Maybe you were told the story of the tooth fairy or the Easter bunny. Or maybe they read you the story of Peter Pan and you believed that these stories were real. You really believed that with a pinch of fairy dust and a happy thought Peter Pan really could fly. For some children, they have these imaginary friends.  To them they are real. Why? because they have the program that allows for the magical to unfold into their lives. I wonder, was there ever a time in your life where you believed in magic? Did you ever believe Santa Claus was real? Did you ever stay up all night hoping to catch a glimpse of him leaving you a present only to fall asleep to awaken to see he ate one of the cookies you left and in that moment did you believe in magic? That’s the program of magic that will allow for the mystical to unfold into your life. But as we mature, we are told it’s all fake. It’s not real. I would say to you that these imaginary stories we are told play a vital role in the programming to allow for the mystical into our lives as we become mature, spiritually-minded adults. Without the program, there can be no mediumship and recreating the program is where so many unfolding mediums struggle.  Understand this: the program for the magic, for the mystical is within each and every person to some degree. You just have to be willing to remember who that child of you really is and be willing to let them have a voice and let them have their time to play.

The third Key The Willingness to Accept Love when it is Offered

This one can be tricky. Is it true relationship can teach us how to unlock this key. Absolutely it’s true. However that doesn’t mean that relationship is required to experience the willingness to receive love. The real trick to this key is to understand this. You need to learn to accept yourself as a perfectly imperfect physical being with unlimited untapped potential that exists with in your spirit. It is my belief that through the unlocking of this final key that you will then have the ability to raise your vibration your frequency to a point where you can actually experience spirit in a way thats right for you. Now please remember this we are all mediums. Our light workers, our healers, our philosophers and greatest thinkers are mediums. They are working with this higher vibrational energy which can only be accessed through the unlocking of these three keys that creates within them a sense of harmony and balance activating the higher vibrations that were previously dormant in what most of us would call the heart centre. I’ve just shared with you what I believe to be the three keys to unlocking your inner medium. The rest is up to you. Will you do the work? Will you strive to be better than you are now? Or will you buy into the story that your not really a medium. That your less than and remain dependant enslaved to always needing the medium or the psychic or the healer to do the work for you. You are a powerful higher vibrational intelligent love based being. Remember that and remember you always have a choice to live blinded never unlocking the doorways leading you to your inner medium. Or to unlock and open those doors and step into the real you the medium of tomorrow.

Inspired by the divine Intelligence 

Created just for you

Written by Jon Wilkinson