The Truth About the Spirit World

Many of us, at some point in time, have probably asked ourselves what exactly, where exactly is the spirit world, the place where these higher vibrational intelligences exist, the place they call home? What is it like over there, wherever there is? Sure, if you google it and read up about, you will find all sorts of different perspectives based on someone else’s experience with these intelligences that they assumed were the experience of the spirit world. I pose this question: what evidence do they actually have that this place actually exists the way they say it does? Where is the proof? Can you really accept something without any proof or evidence? 

By now, many of us will accept the scientific fact that what you think and what you feel creates everything in your world as you experience it, that your thoughts and your feelings create the story that you accept. That story creates a program, the program of you and it is this program that is creating the energy of you which is responsible for how you perceive and experience the world. So more than likely all that really happened is the experience of this spirit world, this different time and space is nothing more than a story that so many of us were told. We accepted this story. This story created a program and this program created the energy that allows us to experience and perceive this spirit world in a very similar manner to each other. 

My Question to you is this: what exactly does all that prove? Does that really prove that this spirt world is what we say it is or is it just that we created this perception of what this spirit world is for our own benefit so we have a place to go that seems better than here, a place to go where our spirt, our divine intelligence, our higher vibrational self can be free, be unlimited, without being bogged down by the limitations of the physical world?  If there are no limitations in this space in time that our thoughts and feelings have created, then in this space in time where there is no time, we can create anything we want to manifest in our physical existence. In this space and time we can communicate with other higher vibrational intelligences and learn from each other without many of the limitations of the physical world and the belief systems installed upon us there. If this is the case, Is this where the real you exists and can you actually exist in both places at once? Is it then possible, that when we claim to be talking to our higher self, we are merely talking to another version of ourselves but a version of ourself that isn’t bogged down with all the emotional needs and wants and attachments of the physical world, that when in this other space in time we are able to experience our true selves, our true nature? That version of ourselves our higher self is the one calling all the shots because that higher vibrational creation of us is directly responsible for our physical existence as we experience it. 

The question then becomes: why even bother? If the real manifestation creation of us exists in this space in time where there is no time and it is truly capable of creating anything, doing anything, why bother even interacting with this lower vibrational creation of you? What exactly does this higher vibration of you hope to learn from the experience of assisting a lower vibrational copy of itself? I pose this final question to you: does it not make sense that perhaps the one thing this higher vibrational creation of you can’t experience is simply not being a higher vibrational intelligence; that perhaps there is something for this higher vibrational creation of you to learn from the experience of the lower vibrational experience of love; that perhaps there are insights and knowledge that can only be acquired through this lower vibrational existence we call life; that through this experience of love, the programming required for the higher vibrational creation of you to obtain the necessary knowledge and insights are created? It is this energy, this experience of love at this moment in time, where there is time, that this higher vibrational creation of you wishes to experience. Why? For the experience to learn something new, to form a brand new perspective, to achieve a higher vibrational state of being of understanding and acceptance of all things, to actually exist and participate in multiple spaces in time. 

The question we need to ask ourselves is: will we stop fighting what our higher vibrational creation of us wishes to experience in this life, or will we still try and control every little thing in our lives for no other reason than we feel that if we have control, if we know how every little thing will play out, then we are safe. The only thing you will be sure of is that you may potentially be missing out on a lot of new experiences. Those missed opportunities may just have opened that door for you to actually experience this higher vibrational creation of you in this life in a way you couldn’t have possibly imagined. In a way, that is so profound, so eye opening, that all other experiences fail in comparison! That experience enriches each and every other of these experiences because now you finally see things through new eyes, through the lenses of the higher vibrational creation of you. Doesn’t it mean that it is worth the risk, the chance of stepping out into the field of creation for no other purpose than to walk closer to the real you, the higher vibrational creation of you? The choice is yours. I have no doubt you will make the correct one.

Inspired by the divine Intelligence

Created just for you

Written by Jon Wilkinson