The Truth About Your Spirt Guides

A lot of us ask the question, “Who are my spirit guides?”  The question you should be are asking is, “What are my spirit guides?” The who is irrelevant. The what will tell you a great deal more about what these intelligences actually are. 

The reality is many people will adopt many beliefs about who these intelligences are and assume a great deal without any real evidence or proof of anything, accepting synchronicities from the field of creation as signs from ‘your guides’.  Is seeing 11:11 on your cell phone proof of anything  other than it’s 11:11?  Do you really believe that is proof of a higher vibration intelligence attempting to communicate with you? Do you really believe a ringing in your ear is a higher vibration intelligence attempting to talk to you? It’s possible, sure. But where is your proof, your evidence? Do you just accept everything you are told about these intelligences as fact without any proof at all? Just because you read it in a book somewhere or saw it on YouTube by someone on YouTube with a lot of subscribers doesn’t mean they are right about any of the information they are giving you. Ask yourself this: have they told me anything that makes any actual sense? Have they provided me with any evidence at all? Have they just triggered me?  Did they just challenge my belief system about what this intelligence actually is? If they just triggered you, if your belief system just got challenged, good!  You’re one step closer to discovering what this intelligence actually is, what your spirit guides are to you. 

These intelligences work through the program of you. Everything that makes you, you. No two people are exactly alike so why would you expect these intelligences to work with you the same way they work with someone else? So how can you actually trust the information they are giving you as correct, as evidence as to how spirit guides will work with you? How can you accept blindly that what they say these intelligence are is actually correct? Go find your own proof, your own evidence through your own experiences with these intelligences. These are your spirit guides, not theirs.  But are they really guiding you, I wonder? Why is it you feel you even need guidance? Do you really want to go through your life being told what to do? How to be? and who to be? Instead, I’d invite you to view these intelligences your spirit guides. As nothing more than a friend that happens to exist in a higher vibration of love. Their purpose isn’t to tell you what to do or who to be, but to advise you, council and mentor you, listen to your problems and problem-solve with you. That sounds a lot like a friend doesn’t it? Why is it we feel the need to put these intelligences on this pedestal just because they don’t inhabit a physical body? Why do you assume that they have all the answers to life, that you should even take their advice? How do you actually know their advice is any good? 

The truth is they have there own opinions on your life situations and they won’t actually tell you what to do, but they will listen to you. They will be your friend.  They will mentor and tutor you. They won’t give you the answers but they will inspire you to go find them. They can’t do the work for you, but they will show you how if you can allow yourself to let go of these preconceptions of these intelligences or spirit guides as many like to call them. Be willing accept that no one is actually guiding you. In truth, they are just here to support you as you continue down the path of spiritual evolution. Treat this connection with the same integrity and compassion you would with your closest friend. If you can do this you will create a meaningful friendship with these intelligences. A long lasting friendship.  As you cultivate this friendship, remember it’s not all about you. These intelligences are getting something out of working with you and creating this friendship with you. They do, in fact, learn from you, too. 

I hope you take an opportunity to challenge your own belief systems about these intelligences, your higher vibrational friends and actually take time to cultivate this friendship with them. Accepting that it’s not all about what you want and need from them, that they may actually have wants and needs of their own, things they want to contribute to the physical world through you. But will you accept that is not all about you? Will you actually challenge your own belief systems about these higher vibrational intelligences you call spirit guides? I hope so, but the choice is yours. I hope you make the correct one.

Inspired by the divine intelligence

Created just for you

Written by Jon Wilkinson