Discover the Truth About Psychic Attacks

It is widely believed by some that you need protection from the divine intelligence and from people attacking you psychically. Remember, the divine intelligence is a loving intelligence. We also know there is a direct connection between what we think and what feel, creating the program of you. That program of you is creating your vibration of creation, creating everything in your life as you perceive it. No one is attacking you. You are attacking yourself. So stop hitting yourself already! Ask yourself these questions: Why am I allowing myself to be attacked? Is there something that I don’t like about myself being mirrored back to me? Where is my energy? Did something just trigger me? Am I in a vibration of love or am I in a lower vibration of anger, frustration, guilt etc.? Remember, we are all co- creators. 

But what about protection from the bad spirits? “I was told that they would get me if i didn’t protect myself.” Remember, what you think and what you feel creates the program of you, right? The only protection you need is from yourself. This is a loving intelligence that exists in the higher vibration of love. If you are in a lower vibration such as anger, fear, or guilt, then you will attract to you the energetic experience of that vibration. 

A lot of us run our dysfunctional programs of fear and pain based on our experiences in life. These programs have the potential to create unsettling experiences that we see as psychic attacks or that bad spirits are out to get us. You are the one creating it all. If you find yourself having negative thoughts creating negative energetic experiences, you are responsible for that. That’s not the divine intelligence. That’s all you. You are doing it to yourself. Why are you still hitting yourself? Stop it already!

 Once you can accept that you are the one who is doing it to yourself, you are now capable of rewriting that program that is creating these experiences. The problem is most of us try to do this with our conscious mind, thinking happier thoughts but still feeling the feelings of lower vibrations. How is that working for you? Has anything really changed? Probably not because you haven’t actually changed your programming. 

Your conscious mind is like a dial-up internet connection. You remember dial-up internet, right? It’s really slow. Meanwhile you have this fibre-optic internet connection called your subconsciousness mind running all these dysfunctional programs faster than your dial-up connection. This faster connection will overpower your slower connection. This means, in order to change these dysfunctional programs of you, you need to go to your subconscious mind where the fibre-optic internet connection is. This is most commonly done through hypnotherapy or meditation. 

The problem a lot of us have is we’re scared to go into our own subconscious mind. Our conscious mind will try to stop us. It has created defensive mechanisms to keep us out. We want to change but It doesn’t. It is afraid of these changes. It likes the familiar of being able to predict how everything will play out in our lives. The familiar makes it feel safe so we feel safe. 

When we first try meditation, a lot of us get frustrated. Our body, our conscious mind rages at us like children do when they are not getting their way. Some will take the approach, “I will defeat my conscious mind, my body in a battle of wills”. This may work for some. The problem I have with this is it creates a program of creating challenges to overcome. The goal is to be in a state of being of love to become love. Creating a program of challenges doesn’t create that program now does it? Instead, when you feel your body raging at you, see your conscious mind as that child you love dearly, that you would do anything for to protect and keep safe. Love your conscious mind, your body that same way! This will create the program of love that will allow you access to your subconscious mind in a safe environment. This is how you get through the defensive mechanisms that have been created by you. 

Here’s the thing: if you really want to stop hitting yourself, if you really want to change the program of you, you need to keep doing it everyday! Over time, if you keep reinforcing a program of loving yourself as that child you love dearly and would to anything to keep safe and protect, you will feel safe and loved in your own subconscious mind. You can only heal and create in an environment where you feel safe to do so. It  all happens in the subconscious mind first. The programs that you are running there will be filtered up to your conscious mind, creating the program of you which creates your own personal vibration of creation. This vibration is responsible for the things you have or don’t have in your life. 

Now that you know how to change your dysfunctional programs that are running in your subconsciousness, you can heal and create the things you want in your life instead of creating all the things you don’t want. Now you understand that no one is out to get you and no one is attacking you. Most importantly, you have within you the ability to change your dysfunctional programming to a more positive program. No one can do this for you. That is all up to you. I hope you make the right choice.

Inspired by the divine intelligence

Created just for you

Written by Jon Wilkinson