How to Create the Life You Want with Law of Attraction

Many of us aspire to create more abundance in our lives or to attract to us that soulmate or twin flame using law of attraction. We are told that if we have good thoughts we get the abundance or that beautiful soul-to-soul connection. We spend months having these positive thoughts. But nothing really happens, does it? Does this sound familiar to you? If it does, keep reading!  I will be walking you through my three step process using law of attraction to create the life you want.

Three Steps to Creating the Future You Actually Want Today

This three step process starts with first understanding some things about yourself. To use law of attraction properly, we need to understand how our thoughts and feelings are creating our programs which are directly responsible for the signal we send out to the universe. Our thoughts and feelings will create a story, that story that we tell ourselves all day long. We know that the majority of our thoughts are the same thoughts over and over. The exact number is different from expert to expert, ranging from about 90%-95%. The repetition of these thoughts creates your story which in turn will create your programs. It’s your programs that will create your vibration, that signal that you will send out to the field or the universe if you prefer. This is what stops a lot of us from creating the life we think we want. Even though we are having the thoughts about the future we think we want, there is another program running in the background counteracting all of our hard work. 

We Need to Change the Program First

The question then becomes: how can we change the program, allowing us to send the signal that we do want out into the universe? If the story created the program then it stands to reason a new story should create a new program, correct?  Let’s discuss first what exactly is a program. As I tend to have an analytical, scientific mind, I see each program that I create needing to perform a certain function. In order for me to create the function my program needs data, information.  The data, the information, is the story which leads us directly into step one of my three step process.

Step One:  Creating the New Story of You

The first thing we need to do is to figure out what story you wanna create. For me, I like to write it down as a program. I start it with this: This is my program. This program was written and created just for me, making it clear to myself that this is my program. Feel free to call the program anything you want. I’m a simple guy. The first program I created I called program A. Now I want you to write down this new story in this program. Point form is just fine. Keep things simple and clear. No need to write a novel here. 

Step Two: The Fuel to Create the New Story

We now know that it’s the feeling that will carry us to our future whether it be lower vibration of the memories of the past keeping us stuck and in lack and suffering or something more uplifting like the love of a beautiful soul connection or the joy or freedom of being abundant. When we’re telling the new story to this program, discover for yourself what feeling will connect you to this more desirable program. When you’re telling the story to the program, focus on the feeling. I like to think of the feeling as the fuel in my rocket ship carrying me, elevating me to a higher frequency where I can become this more desirable future or outcome. It’s important that we teach our body to believe this story is real. The more we believe in this story, the easier it will be for the program to be installed, eventually using this program to send out a new signal that will allow for our creation to become manifest.

Step Three: Stepping into the New Vibration of You

You’ve just written your new program calling it anything you like. You have discovered the feeling that this story of you is to you. This third step will require you to follow my exercise on YouTube ‘Connecting to Higher Self’ to receive the full effect. During the guided meditation exercise, I will be asking you to think of your higher self as that version of you that has already experienced the future you want, picking the feeling that will connect you to your higher self using law of attraction, allowing you to connect to this story of higher self and to use it to catapult you into the future where you have already created the abundance or attracted to you the soul mate or the twin flame. I hope to see you there.

Inspired by the Divine Intelligence

Created just for you

Written by Jon Wilkinson