Heal Before You Create

For a great many of us, we are concerned by our material life and our ability to continue to provide a comfortable life for ourselves and our family which is important. We need to feel safe in our physical world so we can continue along our spiritual path. But it’s important to heal before we create. Where a lot of us go astray is that we collect all these material possessions a lot of which we don’t actually need. Then something happens that takes us out and for some, the ability to provide is taken away time and time again. Then we ask, “Why is this happening to me?” It’s happening to you not because you’re being punished by some karma but because you’re the one creating it. It’s happening to you because you haven’t actually healed. You’re still running the same old dysfunctional programs that you have always been running. And that’s ok.  You just need to become aware of it.

How to Change Your Program

In theory, it seems easy to change our dysfunctional programming what i call the program of you but it’s not the case for a great many of us because we all are, for the most part, addicted to our program whether it be dysfunctional or something more positive. Science tells us that it is our environment is the culprit that is creating our programs whether they be positive or dysfunctional. So we then resort to what a lot of us would call healing or ‘doing the work’. We practice mindfulness. We mediate and we do all those things we’re supposed to do but nothing really changes. The program never changed or at least that how it feels to us. The mistake a lot of us make when learning to heal is we assume that the old program gets deleted. It doesn’t. It still exists. You need time, practice and a lot of patience. Give your new programming that you’re diligently working on every day—whatever practice you do— to become the more dominate program.

Some Tips on Creating the Program You Actually Want

The most important tip that I can offer is to become aware when you’re running the dysfunctional program. Notice when those thoughts that you don’t want come creeping up because you got triggered or the program just hasn’t run in a while and it’s decided it needs to run because you have been programmed that way. You need to make the conscious choice to change the thought without getting angry or frustrated with yourself. Please be kind to yourself. 

The second tip I can offer is to shorten that time you’re allowing that dysfunctional program to run those thoughts you don’t want. Over time, as the dysfunctional programming runs less and less, you’ll start to feel better because those thoughts you’re having won’t be triggering those lower vibrational feelings. 

The third tip I can offer is now that you’re becoming aware and shortening the time you’re allowing those thoughts to dictate to you how you will live your life, spend time in your day reviewing, contemplating and reflecting on every time you stopped those dysfunctional programs dead in their tracks. Celebrate each and every one of those successes. Don’t dwell on the times or for how long you were take out by those experiences that triggered you. 

The final tip I can offer is to heal before you create.  Find the practice that works for you whether it be a physical activity or just meditation that elevates your spirit and allows you to have good thoughts and feelings. That’s how you heal so that you can create the life you actually want. That’s how you can begin to do the work.

Now that You’ve Healed, You Can Now Create

No, going to energy healers isn’t necessary at all, although you could. They can always help speed things along. The real work was done by you but you have to keep doing it every single day because those dysfunctional programs still exist. Now you have the tools to stop those thoughts and feelings you don’t want. Now you know how to create a more positive program that can became the more dominant program. Now that  you’ve healed, you can create the things you want into life. What kind of life do you actually want to create? Are you ready to accept responsibility for your own healing or will you rely on someone else to do it all for you because you think it’s easier. The choice is yours. I hope you make the correct one.

Inspired by the Divine Intelligence

Created just for you

Written by Jon Wilkinson