The Truth about Karma and Reincarnation

Most of us have accepted this story of karma. What goes around comes around. If you do something good, you get something good back. If you do something bad, you get something bad back. This is just the law of universe. I pose this question to you: is it really the universe or is it just you? 

By now you’ve probably accepted that your thoughts and feelings create your life, right? Your thoughts and feelings created your story. Your story created your program and your program creates your own personal vibration. It is this vibration of you that is responsible for your life as you experience it. My question to you is this: Is karma even real or did you just accept the story of karma? And if karma isn’t real, is reincarnation real or are all your lives being experienced simultaneously but in different places in time?

Karma is Keeping you Stuck in Time

This story of karma is what is keeping us stuck in time, keeping you accepting the story of coming back over and over also known as reincarnation. Our physical bodies, this lower vibration of us exists in time, right? The higher vibration of you or higher self exists in the place outside of time. Some may call this the spirit world or the astral planes. In order for you to get back home to the place where the real you exists, all you need to do is break the cycle, the loop of time. If you can accept that the story of karma created the story of reincarnation and that it is only real because the program created the energy that made it real for you, then in order for you to step outside of time and break the loop all you have to do is see that you exist outside of time. This you that exists in time, in this timeline, this life, is just a copy with set programming designed to fulfill certain objectives or your life purpose if you prefer, to have certain experiences and that all these experiences are more or less planned ahead of time.  You’re not actually coming back again and again.  You never left the existence of time because you adopted the program of karma and reincarnation. 

If Karma is Keeping me Stuck in Time, How do I Break the Loop?

The goal has always been, at some point, to break the loop of time and return to your origin point, wherever that origin point is for you. The problem a lot of us face is we don’t even remember where that is. We come in this place in time with certain programming with little knowledge of even how to communicate with the us that exists outside of time. Some may call this being a medium or just being intuitive. In order to break the loop you need to first accept that you’re even in a loop. Once you’ve done that, you need to begin to recreate your programming to allow for the mystical in your life. Start developing a relationship with that higher vibration of you. This higher vibration of you will provide you with the necessary programming upgrades when it deems them necessary. You still have a job to do while in this lower vibration of you. It is required that you accept this new programming and fulfill what this higher vibration of you has asked of you.

Okay, So What am I Supposed to do Now?

If you accepted you’re in a time loop repeating the same old experiences in different places in time, you’re bored of the same thing over and over, running the same program. Unfortunately, that programming became degraded and dysfunctional as time went on. A lot of us became stuck and addicted. In order to break free of time and get back to the place outside of time, something needed to change. You needed a complete makeover more than likely. That old programming that was degraded and dysfunctional needed to be replaced by new programming. This could not happen in your current state, bogged down by the material. A lot of stuff needed to go in order to make room in your life to accept this new programming, to allow the real you to shine through, to create a meaningful dialogue with the higher vibrational of you. Once you’ve established a relationship and a meaningful dialogue with this higher vibration of you and you have been reprogrammed or downloaded with all the relevant programming, step by step you will become aware of what is required of you to go back to your origin point when and only when it is time and hopefully you have fulfilled what your higher vibrational self has asked of you. Your current vibrational self of you will return to the higher vibration of you taking with it the knowledge and experience acquired during your existence in time. 

The question you need to ask yourself now, knowing that this story of karma and reincarnation is keeping you stuck in the loop of time: what are you going to do about it? Are you going to allow yourself to challenge those belief systems that have kept you coming back again and again to balance the scales, that somehow you need to live yet another life here on earth because of your karma? Or will you be willing to accept that you’ve already done it all, that you’ve had every type of relationship, that you’ve had every experience, that right now there is a vibration of you having those experiences? Better yet, can you give yourself permission to accept that the people who have committed those horrible acts did so to give you the experience so that you can heal it to understand it and accept it, that the only way to actually love anyone unconditionally is to have all of these unpleasant experiences, that all of this was done for your benefit and you can accept that these things done to you by these people wasn’t the universe punishing you but possibly giving you the gift of an experience to heal, to better understand all things in creation? If you take karma out of the equation and accept that you were being gifted the opportunity of acceptance, you are more capable of taking the emotional attachments out of the equation. You are now one step closer to stepping outside of the loop of time and moving outside of time to reconnect with the higher vibration of you. 

But will you step outside time and see the real you or will you stay in the addictions of the familiar, in the loop of time? How long it all takes is up to you. I hope you make it easy for yourself and step outside of time and don’t repeat the cycle of staying stuck in the familiar vibrations of you.

Inspired by the divine Intelligence

Created just for you

Written by Jon Wilkinson