Time to Create a Better Tomorrow

So many of us ask ourselves: how can I create a better tomorrow for myself? How can I implement meaningful change in my life when I do not even know what I want to create? All I know is the way I’m doing things isn’t working anymore. I keep creating and attracting to me the same things I don’t want despite the fact that I understand how law of creation works, even though I know I’m the one doing it. I can’t seem to break this cycle I’m on, running on this same treadmill of life for that past, I don’t even know how many, years. 

The question you need to ask yourself is: why don’t you know what you want to create? Is it that you’ve been creating the wrong things in your life for so long that you’re paralyzed with fear that you will mess it up again? Or are you waiting for some sign from your own spirit, your own higher power, to tell you what to do? Or maybe you just expect a guide or an angel to tell you what your purpose is so that you will know what you’re supposed to do. Until you can actually figure out why you’re not moving forward, until you can stop living inside the story of past regrets and mistakes and inside the story of waiting to be told what to do and how to become what you truly desire, absolutely nothing is going to change the way you want it to. You will continue running on that treadmill of life, stuck in the story of you of your own design and making. But you are already well aware of all of this. You know exactly what you’re doing. You know exactly how law of creation works. You just became addicted to this familiar feeling of being on this treadmill. 

What would happen if you just jumped off that treadmill right now? You’d probably fall, maybe trip or maybe you wouldn’t. And if you fell and tripped and  twisted your ankle would that really be the end of the world? It would heal in time, right? But you wouldn’t be on the treadmill of the familiar anymore. Now that you’re off the treadmill, what do you do? Where do you go? Does it even matter? You’re so afraid of doing the wrong thing that you’ll probably just stand there and refuse to take another step because it’s dark and scary and you can’t even see what’s two feet in font of you. So there you stand, in the dark, unwilling to move because you don’t know which way is the right way. You wait for some divine guidance but nothing happens. No one comes to tell you the way out. You realize that if you wanna find your way out, if you wanna heal yourself and create a better tomorrow, you have to be the one to do it. Not some spirit guide or some angel. You have to take that first step into the darkness, into the not knowing what lies in the darkness. 

But where will this lead me you wonder? I don’t want to go back to that same experience of being on the treadmill. So you move forward through the pitch black darkness of uncertainty, into the unfamiliar, the unknown of the field of creation. No one is telling you what is on the other side or what you’re supposed to do once you get there. You keep going because you know one thing and one thing only: you don’t wanna be on that treadmill ever again, in the story of that unfulfilling experience of your old life. You have decided, in this moment in time, you want more than what you have. You don’t necessarily need more material abundance. What you really crave is something new. Something that doesn’t make you feel like you’re running around in circles. It is in this moment that you accept this one simple truth:  you don’t actually need to see the whole picture. You don’t need to know the grand plan. You just need to pick one thing, one goal, one outcome and focus all of your energy on that one thing. It will happen when and only when you allow it to happen, staying present in the story of the experience of that one thing, getting off the treadmill, walking through the pitch black of the not knowing, the unknown. As you begin to explore the vastness of this darkness, this unknown, something happens. A small piece of the puzzle shows itself to you. But it doesn’t make sense yet. It’s a task.  Something to do. All you know is that if you do this one thing and only this one thing and put all your attention and energy on this one thing, another goal, another thing will present itself to you, another piece of the puzzle of what your spirit wishes to create with you. But will you put your trust back into yourself, into your spirit, your higher vibrational self? Can you accept that you don’t need to know and that all you need to do is that one thing that has been put on your path to do, trusting that the next piece of the puzzle will reveal itself to you when you are ready to receive it, when you are ready to do it? The choice of how long it takes has always been yours. The rest is up to you. Time for you to create a better tomorrow.

Inspired by the divine Intelligence

Created just for you

Written by Jon Wilkinson