Are Twin flames and Soulmates Even Real?

Most of us will at some point in time develop some sort of belief system around twin flames and soulmates. More than likely you asked yourself the question: are twin flames and soulmates even real? If they are real, who is actually qualified to say for certain? Has anyone actually provided you with any real evidence or proof of their existence?  My question to you is this: is this story of twin flames and soulmates the stuff of fairy tales and make-believe designed to get us to do the work? Is it fabricated from your higher vibrational intelligences, working with you, knowing that if a story is created that allowed you believe that if you did the work you would attract to you this perfect vibrational match just for you, that out of all the people in the world, this person was created just to work with you in fulfilling your soul’s deepest desires, your mission while in this vibration of life here on earth? You would be more likely to do the work to heal than create and give to the field in a more positive, meaningful way, repairing the dysfunctional energy in the world as it is being experienced by so many at this time.

The Story of Twin Flames and Soulmates

This story of twin flames and soulmates is nothing new to most of us. But I wonder if you ever seriously contemplated that it was nothing more than a story without a shred of truth to it other than that, if you believe in it, you will create the twin flame or soulmate experience into your life. I would suggest to you that it is probable and more likely that we were all told a story, not unlike the stories we were all told as children. Do you remember when you were a child and your parents told you such stories? Do you remember the story of Santa Claus? The magic and impossibility of how one man could achieve so much in one night.  But you believed your parents when they told you all about the story of Santa Claus, didn’t you?  For most of us, when our parents told us something, we believed them. I would suggest to you that these higher vibrational intelligences giving you all this information about twin flames and soulmates are more than likely doing that very same thing: telling you a story to get you to believe in that perfect vibrational match created just for you. The magic and wonder of it!  We now know that the story we tell ourselves creates our reality, correct? My question to you is this: are you willing to accept that it is at least possible that everything you know about twin flame or soulmates isn’t even really the truth but a story told to you by these higher vibrational intelligences?

But Why Would These Intelligences Lie to Me?

The answer is simple: to get you to do the work. If you are told by these intelligences and by all the inspirers and teachers that walk our physical world of this story, then eventually this story will become real, creating an experience that seems magical and mystical by nature, that this person just showed up when you were ready, when you finally did the work. Did that really prove anything other than a vibrational match? But you were told this was twin flame and all the other twin flames have this experience this way so it’s real, isn’t it? If you can convince enough people that your story, your version of the truth is right, then everyone will believe it and experience it that certain way until they have an experience that blows that concept out of the water and they are forced to re-evaluate if what they believed to be true was even true. The question then becomes: why do so many of us still need this story of twin flame or soulmate? I ask you to  take a look on youtube or facebook. When you search for twin flame or soulmate you most certainly will find groups of people gathering, talking, sharing and hopefully growing, too. You see, this story has become a brand, something people recognize as a divine union or at least something that could be a divine union. Without the brand of twin flame or soulmate, a lot more of us would have gotten lost along the way. But now that a lot of us have grown into spiritual, mature people, these stories are just that: stories. They fulfilled their purpose just like those stories your parents told you to get you to believe in the magical, the mystical experiences that life has to offer you if you only believe in them. 

Are You Ready to Let Go of the Story of Twin Flame and Soulmate and Take Back Your Power?

If you reached a point in your journey that you’re at least willing to accept that this story of twin flame or soulmate was just a story designed to create with you that perfect vibrational match or that soul-to-soul connection, you’ve reached a point where you have become spiritually mature. You are ready to be given more of the picture. You no longer require the story of twin flame and soulmate. You’ve reached a point where you accept that every person you meet could be that perfect vibrational match which feels like it was a divine meeting by a higher power or your higher self. Truth is, it probably was. The question you need to ask yourself is: are you going to attach the label, the brand of twin flame or soulmate onto this connection or just accept that it is a vibrational match, a soul-to-soul connection? If you can do that, you might just be able to eliminate any and all attachments to the outcome of what you were told twin flame or soulmate was and just allow and accept this soul-to-soul connection to take its natural form, accepting that in this moment in time and space you two are a match. But will you accept that you don’t need a story of twin flame or soulmate to create this vibrational match, this soul-to-soul connection into your life? Well, the choice is yours. I hope you make the correct one.

Inspired by the divine Intelligence

Created just for you 

Written by Jon Wilkinson