Discover the Truth About the Twin Flame Experience

During the experience of the heart centre awakening, so many of us grow attached to this idea, this belief of a twin flame. We accept we take on someone else’s beliefs and philosophies about this connection without actual proof of evidence. I just had this profound energetic experience that some would describe as a lighting storm in their chests! That’s never happened before!  Surely it means something! They have to be a twin flame or soulmate!  It has to be a sign from the divine intelligence!  Most will become emotionally attached to this person even if there is no relationship that takes form. 

This doesn’t prove this is a twin flame. All this proves is that you had a profound experience. You had a heart to heart communication and it’s new to you. Someone may have even told you that means twin flame, soulmate or whatever label they put on it based on their experience. This isn’t their experience.  This is your experience. Your heart centre awakening. Your wake-up call that something in you has finally changed, your waking-up to the real situation. You needed a course direction change in your life. Things aren’t going as they were planned. You’re taking way too long to get it. At the time, you probably can’t see that. You’re not ready to see it. This will start a chain reaction of evolutionary changes within your own body. You have started the process of actually becoming a totally different person. Here’s the thing for you to become a new person:  the old you needs to go. Which means you’ve probably lost all or most of your friends. You don’t really talk to your family. Your job that was unfulfilling and soul crushing, that, most certainly needs to go, too.  

You’re probably sitting at home feeling sorry for yourself trying to figure out why the world hates you. No one hates you!  This is the most heart-felt gift anyone could ever receive. This profound heart-to-heart communication that you just experienced gave you something that you needed. It’s doubtful you have any idea what it was but trust me, you needed it. During this experience all your pain will naturally come to the surface and you will be forced to deal with all the things you neglected to look at. 

No more hiding! No more lying to yourself saying everything is fine! You weren’t listening to your divine intelligence when it kept telling you to make a change. You created this event by not creating. Time to heal so you can create something better for yourself. In order for this to happen, you have to do the work. You have to actually tell yourself the truth and have a loving, compassionate relationship with yourself. This is a process.  This takes time. Don’t expect to have a heart centre awakening and magically everything is going to be wonderful in your life.  During this process, you will be asked to re-create everything you thought you knew. Everything you thought you believed to be true. You have to begin to create a brand new program of you. This program of you took a lifetime to create.  Your thoughts, feelings and experiences created it. You became a clone programmed to think a certain way, act a certain way. Now this experience is forcing you to delete all that old code. In order for that to actually happen, everything in your life probably needs to go. If you can allow yourself to accept that this a process and this is in your best interest, you will be well on your way to creating what you really needed all along.

None of this proves that the person who initiated this heart-to-heart communication is actually a twin flame or a soulmate. All you know for sure is that you had a heart centre awakening. You have started to discover a brand new way of communication with another soul. The question is: can you accept that this person may not be twin flame or soulmate? Can you accept that this may have just been an experience to get you to pay attention to the direction of your life? Most importantly, will you actually do the work now? The choice is yours. I hope you make the correct one.

Inspired by the divine Intelligence

Created just for you 

Written by Jon Wilkinson