Finding Yourself Within the Soul-to-Soul Connection Experience

Chances are, at some point, everyone will hear about soulmates or twin flames. More than likely, you will come to some understanding that those experiences woke you up to new truths about yourself. I’d invite you to simplify things and be willing to create the understanding that it wasn’t the soulmate or twin flame that woke you up to new truths. It was love. Love is the experience that awakens the soul. 

 Then Why do so Many of Us Need the Label of Soulmate or Twin Flame? 

Many will need the story of soulmate or twin flame so that they have something to focus on. Without names or labels, they wouldn’t have easily been able to create this experience of a deeper love. As such, awakening their soul to new truths would prove more difficult. It requires two people of similar vibration or frequency. It is an energetic experience that could be described in a great many ways for a great many people. I’ll leave that up to each individual on how they would describe the experience of love. If you can accept that the story of soulmate or twin flame more, then likely you’ve reached a point in your life where you are searching for something, a part of yourself that you haven’t seen in a very long time. This connection was created to do just that re introducing yourself to the real you. 

But here is where things get a little more complex. It is in our nature to get attached to the idea rather than accept this one simple truth of the law of creation: there is theoretically an infinite amount of these connections available to you. It all depends on you. It depends on your vibration, your frequency. Some get hung up on the notion of only one soulmate or only one twin flame, or the correct order of soul-to-soul connections before you are granted access to twin flame. Some get stuck on the idea of the mission and the sure gravity of what that might mean for them. Also, what would happen to the mission if they don’t come together with this person because they have accepted the brand of twin flame as the only possibility for them in fulfilling their soul’s mission? So here they sit, stuck, not doing anything because they can’t fulfill their soul’s purpose, their mission, without this person. This idea, brand or story was designed to reintroduce people to themselves. It was never intended to create the situation where you did absolutely nothing. 

My question to you is this: if you are someone who has accepted and embraced the brand of twin flame, whose version of twin flame is correct? Right now, if you were to google this subject matter, you would come across countless different perspectives from several experts and even more who just follow the current spiritual fads. Do you just accept what feels right in your knower? Is that how you know what’s right? Do you search for scientific evidence or do you accept evidence through shared experience?  I would suggest to you that you will always find ways to validate your truths. You will naturally gravitate towards the teacher or groups of people who are like you, yes? You already know this and understand how the law of creation works, don’t you? So why is it that so many get duped so easily?  I’ll tell you why: it’s because it’s familiar to you. It’s the vibration of what is familiar that we are drawn to. It feels safe and comfortable. It feels right. It’s not until we feel the experience of the uncomfortable that our soul finally is able to speak to us in a way we can actually hear and comprehend.

Then does Familiar Mean Soulmate or Twin Flame?

No. I do not prescribe to the notion that if you feel like you’ve known someone all your life they are  a soulmate or twin flame. They are a similar vibration. Their frequency and your frequency are alike and because you are alike, you are naturally drawn together. It doesn’t mean that they can’t be soulmate or twin flame. It just means more evidence is required. Because you are a similar frequency, it is entirely possible to create what could feel like twin flame or soulmate. Then, when one person grows and changes their vibration and the relationship falls apart, they are told that was their false twin flame or that was their karmic. That was just your practice twin flame. Now you get the real one. 

I’d invite you to think about that one for a minute. If your frequencies don’t match anymore, it’s only logical that energetically you dissolve your connection to make room for a connection that you do match, right? So why is it they can’t just say that? Why do we need all these fancy labels and brands? There is nothing wrong with all these labels and brands.  For some, they need them to understand the frequency of change in the soul-to-soul connection experience. I would encourage you to keep things simple and not get attached to all the protocols and rules and the limitations put on you by conforming to the labels of your soul-to-soul connections. It can all be summed up quite simply: most of you have been in love. You’ve attracted to you someone who vibrated with you and more than likely that’s all you knew. You probably didn’t have much use for which kind of soul connection you were in. You were connected through the vibration of the heart centre. And as long you were of similar frequency or vibration, you would stay together in that soul-to-soul connection in the physical world, right? My question to you is this: can you entertain the concept that soulmate, twin flame, karmic relationship, false twin flame or any other type of soul-to-soul connection there might be, is nothing more than a box that you are put into depending on a belief system? That box is limiting you and the only way for you be unlimited is to see these variations of soul-to-soul connections as just that: a belief system. Will you finally accept the possibility of unlimited possibilities and let go of the notion that there can only be one perfect soul-to-soul connection? Will you see that as your vibration changes, as you grow and evolve, chances are your perfect vibrational match needs to change, too? What you choose to accept into your life is always your choice. I have no doubt you will choose what’s right for you as your spirit speaks it’s truth to you.

Inspired by the divine Intelligence 

Created just for you

Written by Jon Wilkinson