The Evolution of the Soul-to-Soul Connection Experience

A lot of us throw around words like soulmate or twin flame. We are told this is the ultimate form of connection within relationship. Attached to the magic and the story, we miss out on the experiences of the evolution of the soul-to-soul connection experience. In the infant stages of the soul-to-soul connection experience, we are told a story, a story handed down from person to person, from the spiritual teachers, the channellers or our guides, yes? They all tell you exactly what this experience is, what it looks like, what it will feel like. They create a mystical story that you can accept and believe in. Why? So that you can create that experience into your life. 

But does that actually prove the existence of soulmate or twin flame or does it just prove that the fundamental laws of creation, which states what you think and what you feel, creates your reality? Your thoughts and feelings create your story, your story creates your program, and your program creates your life as you experience it, correct? My question to is this: isn’t it logical to assume that this is a similar story to that story so many of us were told as children? The story of Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny? Why? To create the programming that would allow for the mystical to unfold into our lives.

Taking the Next Step in the Evolution of the Soul-to-Soul Connection Experience

Ok, so we were told a story that we accepted as the truth. We created this program of soulmate or twin-flame then it manifested into our life in some way, shape or form. Then, as we evolve into the the soul-to-soul connection experience, more than likely you see that you can have similar connections with different people as well, yes? Wondering why? Perplexed because you were told you can have only one perfect match, one perfect connection, right? That was the story that was crammed down your throat by so many with some variations depending on person to person, teacher to teacher. Why is this relevant you ask? Simple. When you’re ready to take the next step into the unfoldment process of your soul’s path, you were permitted to experience connection via the higher vibration communication faculty expressed through the heart. As you continue to embark on your souls journey and experience these soul-to-soul connections, you will reach a point when you aren’t attached to the romantic relationship and you’ll be able to see the broader purpose: to learn to communicate on a soul-to-soul level that transcends your physical lower vibrational self. 

For many, in order for this to occur, you may require multiple soul-to- soul connections of varying vibrations to be able to step into the other person’s vibration and experience it as your own without judgement or worry of what they may think or feel about you. It’s not about finding your perfect match to love you as you are. It’s about accepting yourself as you are with the understanding that you will never be perfect, that if you look hard enough you will always find the next thing to heal, to work on. The only thing you have to heal is the ability to accept yourself. When you can do that, you will be ready to talk to the real you and fulfill your soul’s deepest desires here on earth.

Exploring Your Soul’s True Purpose

It’s a popular and beautiful idea that the purpose for so many is just to find the one, the soulmate or the twin flame. I would suggest to you that for many, the soul’s true purpose is to remove your dysfunctional programming or to heal so that you can create at a higher vibration contributing to the field in a more meaningful, impactful way. I invite you to take the opportunity and contemplate and reflect on this idea of soulmate and twin flame. The idea of this perfect match is only made manifest when you’ve done a certain amount of the work, correct? Then together you do this mission or a greater divine purpose in order to fulfill the mission or the purpose of the two of you. You have to  have achieved a union with each other or a state of being of one intelligence. Make sense? I want you to take a moment to pause and reflect on what a state of being of one intelligence would actually be like: a blending of two personalities, two different identities, each contributing to one higher vibrational intelligence. Think about that. How sure are you that you even want that? How sure are you that you are actually ready to experience that? Chances are you just think you want that. Chances are that the idea of that perfect love is driving you to experience that. Let me ask you this: don’t you think it might be a good idea to actually learn to accept and appreciate the value of your own soul, your own spirit, your own higher vibrational self first? Then and only then, creating that soul-to-soul connection experience into your life. So why is it then you’re in such a rush? Do you think all the good soul-to-soul connections will be taken? 

Now my question to you is this: without this story of twin flame or soulmate of this perfect match, of this divine mission from the creator, would you even bother? Would you even care to do the work to remove the dysfunction without any sort of reward, without that perfect vibrational match, that divine mission giving you a sense of purposeful direction? Well would you? In truth, the evolution of the soul-to-soul connection experience is just that: an experience that needs to change and evolve with you. At some point, you are gonna need to ask yourself: why is it so important that I have this soulmate or twin flame before I get off my ass and actually do something? Why can’t you get up and do something right now without ever knowing when or where this soul-to-soul connection will find you? Have you considered the possibility that you’re the reason why it hasn’t found you already? Have you allowed yourself to believe what everyone else around you has told you: that this connection is intended to be instead of thinking for yourself and making up your mind as you learn, evolve, and grow? Ultimately, the choice is yours what to believe or to do. I hope you take an opportunity to challenge your beliefs because chances are they aren’t even yours, they are someone else’s. But will you? Well, that’s up to you.

Inspired by the divine Intelligence

Created just for you

Written by Jon Wilkinson