Seeing Spirit for the First Time

A lot of us as adults who have gone through the evolutionary process of waking up have had an experience of seeing spirit, a higher vibrational intelligence that exists in a different space in time than we do. More than likely, you spent a great deal of time becoming knowledgeable about the subject matter varying from healing, mediumship, the chakra system and everything else that seemed appropriate. This information started to create a belief system based on the stories you were told and eventually accepted. Slowly you began to understand, based on your consciousness, what this spirit, this higher vibrational intelligence was. You may have even decided to work  at developing the mediumistic faculty. For a lot of us something in our life changed that pushed us in this direction: an experience, a loss of a loved one, some form of tragedy that forced us to look for answers out of a need to stay connected. 

But what happens to the teenager where none of these occurred?  What happens when they just wake up one day and they begin seeing these silhouette bodies, these spirit people, these higher vibrational intelligences without any knowledge or understanding about what is happening?  Do you think they would just accept easily that those are just spirit people, they love me unconditionally and are just watching over me to make sure I’m safe and cared for?  More than likely the exact opposite would occur.  They may begin to think something is wrong with them and be motivated to find a way to stop it. Unfortunately the sad reality is that a lot of youth will ultimately turn to narcotics as a coping mechanism. 

The reality is that even as adults, a lot of unfolding mediums still struggle with coping with being connected to these higher vibrational intelligences. The question we need to ask is: what exactly makes it so challenging? The spirit to spirit communication we refer to as mediumship isn’t as simple as picking up the phone and calling someone or texting someone. It’s a state of being of one intelligence between two separate intelligences. Their thoughts, feelings, experiences are being experienced by the medium. Now we know that our thoughts and feelings create the story of us and that story creates a program and that program creates  a vibrational energy of creation that is responsible for everything in our life as we experience it. So it’s safe to say that the mediums story may in fact get muddled up, creating competing programs that were never there’s to begin with, potentially creating things in their life that may not be in their best interest. 

Knowing all that and the struggles that a lot of unfolding mediums face, I want you to imagine being a teenager knowing everything that you experienced as a teenager and add that to the equation.The problem is where does a teenager go to become educated on such matters. More importantly would they even share what their experiencing because we all know how open teenagers are with the details of their lives. The reality of the situation is that the information required to understand the unfoldment of the mediumistic faculty is something that needs to be sought out by each individual when they are ready. The question then becomes how can we as adults prepare these teenagers, these mediums of tomorrow, if they are not actually ready to receive this information? The truth is you can’t and you’d more than likely just get in the way of their natural evolution of the mediumistic faculty. This faculty by its very nature has an intelligence of its own. It will be in constant communication with those higher vibrational intelligences and its own spirit, its higher self. It is the communication between the teenagers higher self and the other higher vibrational intelligences that must be understood first. 

Many of us have adopted this idea of this spirt world as a space in time where we go when our body dies. It is this concept that creates this place that we can then accept into our consciousness that this is where these higher vibrational intelligences live and exist. This is where we go when we are in communication with these intelligences. But we never actually left. We still exist in our physical body. We are in our own minds in two places at once, still existing in our physical bodies yet experiencing these higher vibrational intelligences in a different space in time altogether. Did you get all that? These mediums of tomorrow are in constant communication with these higher vibrational intelligences. It is just most of the information communicated doesn’t get understood or even recognized by the physical body simply because the individual couldn’t handle the information in their current state of consciousness. They weren’t ready to receive it. The question then becomes: how does one create the necessary state of consciousness? The answer is relatively simple: personality development through life experience. Sorry but you can’t do this for them. They have to experience it for themselves.

One of the most difficult and challenging life lessons anyone of us can experience is doing absolutely nothing. If you’re still wondering what you can do to make it easier for them, what knowledge can you impart to them, what books should they be reading, the answer is do nothing.  Let them sort it out. Their higher self and the higher vibrational intelligences that work with them have matters well in hand.  More than likely, the opportunity will present itself where they have developed an interest in learning about mediumship, energy work etc. and at this point the only action that is required by you is to encourage and nurture there desire to pursue this pathway. However, we are all not intended to be mediums as you see mediums today. Most of us won’t develop the faculty as it is currently being taught and experienced. Don’t get so hung up on this idea of mediumship that it’s only talking to the spirit people or other higher vibrational intelligences. Be open to allowing that label of mediumship to evolve into something else, something that the mediums of tomorrow will create as they shed these older programs that so many of us have become indoctrinated with. But will you get out of the way just a little bit and allow these mediums of tomorrow to work with this faculty in a way that they are comfortable with, in a way that their higher self, their spirit has decided is appropriate for them at this time? The choice is always yours.  I have no doubt you will make the correct one.

Inspired by the divine Intelligence

Created just for you

Written by Jon Wilkinson