Stepping into the Future with Mediums of Tomorrow

As we all step into the creation of tomorrow, a lot in our lives has changed whether we wanted it to or not.  Many of us were stripped bare of the world, of the senses as we knew it, and yet for some, a spark, a glimmer of hope as the world of possibility begins to emerge. For many, clinging onto the familiar vibrations of yesterday was all we ever knew, being catapulted into an unknown future with so many variables and unknowns, most of which are created from a place of fear. 

The mediums of tomorrow harbour no such fear in their hearts as they emerge from the familiar vibrations of yesterday into the unknown future of tomorrow. Stepping into the future with the mediums of tomorrow won’t cost you anything but your time. How much time, that’s up to you. It requires you to sit down with yourself, tell yourself the truth about yourself, and most importantly allow yourself to experience the mystical in your life without expectation.

What Exactly is a Medium of Tomorrow?

When we talk about mediums, the label most would use is ‘a person who talks to dead people.’ The mediums of tomorrow find this label too confining. They see things much differently. Mediumship isn’t just about dead people, it’s about true communication. Communication in the higher vibrations of the heart that transcends our lower vibrational way of thinking and feeling. It is through this higher vibration that we can all be touched in some way by this loving intelligence many refer to as spirit. You need to understand the truth that this connection, this communication was always intended to be experienced by all. It was never intended to only be experienced by a select few. But that means stepping into the future with the mediums of tomorrow, leaving behind your limiting beliefs of fearful thinking and feeling that has run rampant in our world for far too long. 

The mediums of tomorrow have a new, important role in the bringing together of science and nature, achieving harmony with both. The mediums of tomorrow don’t rely on the external to fulfill themselves. They do understand the importance of interacting with the physical world in order to create positive change in the world. But how they interact with the world will be unlike anything we’re used to. They will break free from social norms and be unrestricted by the confines the generation before them had placed on them due to their dysfunctional programming.

Leaving Behind the Old You so that You can Learn to Walk Again as a Medium of Tomorrow

Leaving behind the old you can seem like a daunting task. For many, it seems impossible, looking around you at the world in its current dysfunctional state. For so many, things seem hopeless. You may even ask yourself, “What is the point? Why even bother? I’m not really a medium. There’s nothing special about me at all.”  You feel defeated, completely helpless, beaten, battered, asking why is that happening to me? I would say to you, “Why not you”? I would say, “It is happening for you, not to you.” I would tell you that in order to walk as a medium of tomorrow, in order to live your physical existence as the medium of tomorrow, that old, dysfunctional you needed to go. You now have to learn to walk as a brand new person, a medium of tomorrow. 

We have lived in a time where the material and competition dictated our lives for far too long. The medium of tomorrow can’t, and will not function in this dysfunctional vibration of creation that has been made manifest. The medium of tomorrow is here to shake things up, to challenge the current belief systems. They are not afraid to stand their ground. They walk  in many professions, all contributing to the break-down of the old system, ready and waiting for their light to be seen by all as they step out of the shadows and into the light. 

The Story Yet to be Told

As this new story, our story unfolds, we find ourselves at a crossroad. The mediums of tomorrow have a story to tell. A story of possibility. A story where our world doesn’t just survive, it thrives. A story that bridges science and nature, where science will prove the power of your spirit. The mediums of tomorrow will embrace this. Stepping into the future with the mediums of tomorrow means choosing a world of possibility with cooperation between the divided social structures, a world of balance and in harmony with each other. My question to you is this: “Will you step into the future as a medium of tomorrow or will you only accept science or spirituality, keeping the social structures divided, out of balance?” Both sides have merit. Both sides have something important to contribute. But in order to create the future that allows both sides to live in harmony, cooperation is key. The choice is yours: what kind of world do you wanna live in? What kind of world do you wanna create? This story of us has the potential to have a ‘happily ever after,’ but we need to choose it together!  Let’s embrace the fact that within each and every one of us is a medium of tomorrow. Let the divide between science and spirituality end. It’s time to step into our future as a medium of tomorrow.

Inspired by the divine Intelligence

Created just for you

Written by Jon Wilkinson