The Birth of the Mediums of Tomorrow

Many have often asked: what makes a medium a medium? What is it they have that I don’t have? Is it a gift something only a select few have the privilege of experiencing? Why is it that so many children have this connection to the divine intelligence and then seem to lose it later in life yet in some cases, it seems to come flooding back as the young medium enters the teenage years? Is this all part of some divine plan apart of the soul’s journey as they go through the awakening process? 

To better understand what makes a medium a medium, we first need to address the definition of mediumship. So many of us have grown attached to this label as someone who talks to dead people or spirit people and that’s all there is to being a medium. Also, that mediums are born not made. If this is true, how are they made and who decided which people would be mediums? If  a medium is someone who connects to spirit, and we all have a spirit, a higher self or higher vibrational intelligence, and it is possible for all us to develop a relationship with our own higher self, aren’t we all mediums? Isn’t it then true that we were all born with this potential but it is in fact this label of mediumship that has hindered the evolution of this faculty for so many?

In truth, mediumship is multifaceted and takes many forms: inspiration, healing and communication. But all three of these facets are connected to the mediumistic faculty. As we step into this new age of mediumship  and the unfoldment and natural evolution of this multifaceted experience, the burning away of this label of what mediumship is will need to disappear. This label, this brand only serves to hinder and put the individual in a box, limiting this faculty as it strives to reach its potential. It is your own spirit, your own higher vibrational intelligence that is being suffocated with these limitations you put on yourself with this label that we put on mediumship, that just because you haven’t developed the faculty for communication in this faculty you’re not really a medium, that according to some you’re just a psychic or just a healer or just an inspirer, a writer or an artist. Do you really accept that? You accept that you have a spirit right? You accept that there are intelligences working with you and that possibly you’ve even had experiences of some sort with these intelligences. But you’re not really a medium because this faculty has chosen to work with you a little bit differently than some famous medium. Do you really accept that version of the truth? Do you really accept that story as your story? Have you ever paused to consider why so many children seem to have this effortless connection with these intelligences, carrying on conversations with this energy completely immersed in the experience, in the story they are experiencing? Is it simply because they are told to explore their imagination and to be creative or is there more to it than that? Is it simply because they haven’t been weighed down by the labels and dysfunctional programming that suffocate the mediumistic faculties? Then, for a time, as that child enters the education system, it all seems to stop. Why is that? Is it because they’re starting to grow up and it’s time to put such childish things away? Or is this the way it’s intended to be? Are we intended to disconnect from that world for a time so that we can completely immerse ourselves in the experience of the physical world? If that is true, why is it that in rare cases, some seem to be catapulted back to the connection as teenagers as they begin puberty? Is there a connection to the physical changes the body goes through during puberty and this faculty or was it simply just time that their spirit, their higher power, that their mediumistic faculty begins its activation process, that they begin to wake up again? The problem that so many face during reawakening is the initial shock to the system.  Everything seemed normal and the experience of life was predictable and felt safe. Then they get hit with what seemed to be a new experience and they haven’t a clue whats going on. 

My question is this: is this what a medium looks like? Is this what mediumship is? Or is this just the experience of life, of growing up, and it wasn’t that they had a special gift or that they were chosen? Or is it just that this is how their spirit chose to work within this faculty? Will you allow yourself to accept that you do in fact have this faculty of mediumship and that it’s not for a select few, the chosen, and that the reason your children are able to experience this faculty differently than you isn’t because they are a medium and you aren’t? It doesn’t even mean that they are more awake than you. It just means they are experiencing differently, that they are at a different vibration than you, that they vibrate at a frequency that is close to these intelligences. They have less of the dysfunctional programming, less lower vibrational thinking that keeps them anchored to the physical world. 

Having an anchor to this physical world is what will keep the unfolding medium of tomorrow anchored and grounded, allowing them to work in multiple frequencies of the vibration of creation. We all have the potential to work with this faculty of mediumship, to participate in a positive way in multiple vibrations of creation, but it does require work: being willing to tell yourself a better story that doesn’t limit you based on what you were told this faculty is; taking the time to eliminate the lower dysfunctional vibrational thinking paving the way for an environment that will allow the mediums of tomorrow to exceed the limitations you have lived your life with. But will you? The choice is yours. I hope you make the correct one.

Inspired by the divine Intelligence

Created just for you 

Written by Jon Wilkinson