The Evolution of Mediumship

With a growing number of us going through the awakening process, with the knowledge that many will go through this process at a younger age, we are seeing more and more teenagers with this connection to these higher vibrational intelligences. In its current state, many of us cling to the label of mediumship. But what is it like to be a medium for a teenager? More importantly, does the label of medium even fit anymore? 

It is widely believed by the most knowledgeable and experienced older generation of mediums and psychics that mediums are born, not made. This idea, this story that many of us are told, is holding us back and it is this story of mediumship that is currently changing for many of us. Most of us at this point will accept the idea of our physical world and the spirit world and that there are a very select few who get to talk to this spirit world. Have you ever asked yourself why that is? You’ve probably heard the term everyone is psychic but not everyone is a a medium. Why is everyone a physic and not everyone a medium? Most of us would define mediumship as spirit to spirit communication. a blending of two intelligences meeting at a point where they can connect and communicate. If you accept that this is mediumship, is it really so hard to believe that if you are capable of a meaningful connection here in your physical reality that you are capable of this connection with this spirit person? 

There are three key factors that need to be understood that will allow for the mediumistic experience that we are all capable of in a way that is right for us. The first being personality development. Second being programming that allows for the mystical in our lives. The third being our relationships, mainly our soul to soul connections.

Personality Development is a Key Ingredient

Your personality is one of the basic building blocks in which your mediumship is created from. You will be required to have acquired the correct combination of positive personality traits. These intelligences (or spirit) are looking for a certain kind of personality development within us. At the forefront of this is a willingness to be of service without the attachment of personal gain. You will not be given access to the depths this faculty has to offer you without the correct personality development. You will keep your training wheels on until you are ready to take them off. Your life experiences are designed to create the necessary personality:  someone who is of service, someone with compassion, understanding and accepting of all things, a willingness to assist someone but never do it for them, someone who will let them fall again and again. For most us this takes the span of most of our lives. It isn’t until we are well into our adult years that we have acquired some of the personality traits required. 

So why is it then that we have teenagers who are able to have these mystical experiences so effortlessly? What makes these teenagers so different that allows them to have the mediumship faculty so readily available to them? Simply put, they more than likely have one or more of the basic building blocks of personality development. If they continue to develop the correct personality traits, this has the potential to open the doorway to the mystical to them on a deeper level than most of us experience.

Programming that Allows for the Mystical

We know by now that our programming is created from our thoughts and feelings, the story that we tell ourselves, right? So it stands to reason that the unfolding medium needs to have the story of mediumship, correct? Otherwise they couldn’t make sense of it and would more than likely believe they have an imbalance or some sort of mental illness, right? The first experiences that we create within the mystical mediumship faculty are important. For most mediums that first experience of mediumship are imaginary friends. My question to you is this: what were you told as a child? They aren’t real. It’s make believe. You just have an active imagination. For most us, that was probably the case. This began the creation of these experiences not being real or a way for our subconscious to work things out as we get a bit older. Then we hit the teenage years. Something happens for the medium. This faculty that seemed to go dormant, that got switched off due to the fact we thought it wasn’t real, got turned back on. Only this time we now possess the consciousness to understand that this isn’t just in our head. We are seeing these silhouette shadow people as described by many unfolding mediums. 

But what is it really? Simply put, these spirit people or intelligences exist in a different space in time than we do and at a different frequency and vibration of light and sound. So what is actually happening? You are experiencing a new frequency, a vibration that you don’t recognize, so you can’t quite connect all the dots. Over time, if you begin to accept this new information, this story of silhouette shadow people as something real, a spirit person or another intelligence from a different space in time or the spirit world as many of us call it, you will begin to create a program that allows for the mystical in your life. If you reject it because you afraid or scared of it because of the story of fear of this intelligence, then the programming that allows for the mystical gets shut off. This is intended to be a low process. Experiencing the unknown without any knowledge of what may happen is scary for most of us. The unfortunate reality is we are all capable of the  mediumistic experience. However, most of us discount these experiences of the unknown as a figment of our imagination. Why? Because we don’t want to be that weird crazy person. So most of us don’t talk about it. Without the meaningful connections of relationship in our daily lives that create the experience of love and support, it proves difficult to accept the story of mediumship that we are all mediums in our own way.

Relationships. The Soul to Soul Connections Experience will Create the Foundation for this Faculty 

Your relationships that you create in your life are arguably the most important aspect of the unfoldment of the mystical experiences of your mediumship. The experience of mediumship is made possible through raising our own vibration to experience a new frequency of light and sound, yes? So that means the experience of love and all the many forms it comes in creates within us the experience of feeling lighter and happier without ever experiencing the feeling of being in love, without ever loving someone. It is difficult to experience this higher vibration of light and sound to a point where you can have an interaction with these intelligences.  So why is it then that a child can experience these intelligences as if it’s second nature to them? It’s because they accept it as their reality. They haven’t been programmed with accepting the dysfunctional programming that keeps us stuck in our physical reality. The feeling of being in love or that first experience of puppy love, that first crush takes you up to a space in time where it is possible to experience the mystical, to have an interaction with different frequencies of light and sound. Through this experience of the soul to soul connection of being in love, the dysfunction of you can be replaced with the program of being in love. The end goal to make this your new normal, to teach you to love yourself the same way your soul to soul connection loves you. This is the vibration and frequency you are intended to exist in. To get there requires you to accept yourself through the experience of living—not just surviving life and all it has thrown at you. You need to allow yourself to fall a few times when the training wheels come off. I urge you to become knowledgable about your mediumship, to explore the mystical and all it has to offer you as you explore the vastness of the unknown and embark on the experience of the higher vibrations of light and sound. Allow it to empower your life. Accept this as your new normal. Give yourself permission to go higher and further than you ever thought possible. But will you? Well, that’s up to you. I hope you choose to accept the story of the unknown into your life.

Inspired by the divine Intelligence 

Created just for you

Written by Jon Wilkinson