The Truth about Mediumship and the Teenage Years

It is quite common for children to talk with their imaginary friends. In most cases this connection with these intelligences will taper off as they begin to enter the education system. But what happens to the teenager where the connection never really tapers off or goes away like it does with most? What happens when there is no education made available to the teenager as they go through the unfoldment process of their mediumship? 

It is believed by some that this is some sort of special gift only handed down to a select few. For the teenager going through the experience, it will usually feel like more of a curse than a gift. It has the potential to create an unbalanced state of being through the experience of fear around working with a vibrational intelligence you know nothing about and yet you are expected to work with and communicate with this intelligence with no questions asked. All you really know about this intelligence is what you were told by google or what you read in some book, most of which will instil the creation of the program of fear around these intelligences. 

The truth is that a lot of what you are experiencing during the unfoldment process isn’t even a higher vibrational intelligence at all. You just think it is. You are most likely only experiencing the vibration of creation experiencing energy. For many, these experiences are unsettling, even terrifying. Seeing a silhouette body of a person doesn’t definitively prove that there is even a higher vibrational intelligence with you there seeking to communicate. Ask yourself this: What is the experience telling me? What is the evidence proving or disproving to me? Is there any evidence at all? 

All unfolding mediums will have to decide for themselves if they wish to continue exploring this connection they have that seems to be so natural to them. Some may discourage the unfolding medium during the teenage years based on their experience as a teenager with these intelligences projecting there own fears onto them. This process was never meant to be scary or frightening. You have the right to accept or reject this part of yourself. You are not obligated to work with these intelligences if you don’t want to. If you do make the choice to work with these intelligences, understand that everything you think you know and everything you will learn will at some point be proven wrong. You will need to be flexible and be willing to accept the evolutionary process as it chooses to work with you. Don’t expect all your answers to be answered right away. You will know when you need to know. 

If you perceive  events that have yet to happen regarding people you care about, tread very carefully!  Don’t assume just because you become aware of something that you are meant to intervene or change the outcome in some way! Your interference could in fact be robbing someone the opportunity to learn and grow and they will in fact just have to repeat the lesson. It is our emotional needs that we think we need to interfere or change the outcome. The true test lies in inaction no matter the outcome. You may in fact see a lot but you do need see everything. Instead, have trust that these intelligences  will direct you if it is deemed that you need to intervene and potentially change the outcome of an event. There is no shame in accepting that you may just not be ready to work with these intelligences yet. To be their messenger and their ambassador. Slow and steady does win the race. Be patient, bide your time and enjoy experiencing this intelligence through the vibration of creation. 

It is usually best to take this journey of the exploration of working with these intelligences slowly. This is for you own benefit and mental health. It is not uncommon for young unfolding mediums to experience mental instabilities. Stemming from this universal fear that the bad spirits will get you if you’re not careful. It is easy to focus your energy on this fearful way of thinking. But I would encourage you to ask yourself these questions: Where is the proof or evidence of bad spirits out to get you? Did someone actually provide you with proof or evidence or did they just tell you a story that you believed for no other reason than that, in your fearful state of being, you accepted it? 

Think of these intelligences or spirit people as just that: people. You don’t particular like or get a long with everyone here in the physical world. Some you find unsettling or unpleasant to be around. The same does hold true with these intelligences. It is doubtful that you will get along with all of these intelligences. It is critical to develop clear guidelines of what you will accept and what you won’t including an appropriate time to work with you. If you make the choice to work with them, you do have a say in how and when these intelligences will work with you. Don’t make the false assumption that just because they are a higher vibrational intelligence that they have all the answers you seek. All they can offer you is a different perspective as an intelligence just as you can offer then a different perspective as an intelligence. 

I hope you take the time necessary to cultivate a meaningful relationship with these intelligences and don’t dismiss the opportunity to assist them in some way. Ultimately the choice is yours I have no doubt you will make the correct choice for you.

A message for the parents of the teenage medium

As teenagers go through this evolutionary process, they will be more than likely having experiences with these intelligences that are more intense and more profound than most adults. The biggest obstacle teenagers face as they go through this process is lack of correct information when the majority of the information available to you tells the story that encourages fearful thinking or when the story promotes that there is something wrong with you, that you are broken, that you are crazy or suffering some sort of psychotic break. This may in fact create that mental instability or mental illness where there was none. 

Before jumping to any drastic measures or drawing any conclusions, ask yourself these questions: What does the information tell me? What does the evidence say? Is there a logical reason why my teenager may be having this experience? The early stages of this unfoldment can be quite terrifying, but if you can look at it logically with an open mind and review the information before drawing any conclusions, you may be able to assist them in creating a more balanced state of being. 

These intelligences are not that different from you and I here in the physical world. They just exist in a different vibration, a different space than we do. They exist in a higher vibration of love. As teenagers approach maturity and go through puberty and the body goes through physical changes, this can facilitate a natural awakening for some. This is a challenging enough time for teenagers. When you add the awakening that some experience, it can be made a lot more challenging. For this reason it is usually encouraged that the development of this faculty is not recommended until they become an adult. 

The problem that many will face is that this faculty has a mind of its own. It wants and needs to be nurtured and explored. It usually won’t matter how many times the teenager is told that this is a loving intelligence which most mediums tend to tell young mediums as they go through this awakening process. All the they know is they are having these experiences, seeing these silhouette people or hearing these voices, feeling like someone is there.  They are scared because they have no idea why this is happening to them and, more importantly, what to do about it. 

There is no need for protection from these intelligences. The only protection anyone ever needs is knowledge about these intelligences! Knowledge will create understanding and acceptance and will hopefully create the right programming that will make the young unfolding medium feel safe enough to develop this faculty in a time and place of their own choosing. 

I hope you will allow yourself to create the time to become knowledgable and understand and accept the truth about mediumship for teenagers. Many going through this process are scared and are just looking for answers but they need to be the right answers. The answers that do not to instil fear and anxiety. That something may be out to get them or that something in them is broken. In reality, they probably just vibrate at a different frequency than you do. All that is really happening is they are learning to vibrate at a higher frequency of love and this is happening naturally without the aid of some fancy meditation or exercise. This is the evolutionary process of waking up. We all have a job to do. Become educated and don’t accept blindly every piece of information about these intelligences or about the mediumistic faculty without evidence and proof. Create the right programming that encourages a spiritually mature person who isn’t afraid to challenge belief systems that keep them stuck and in a fearful state of being. But will you? The choice is yours. I hope you make the correct one.

Inspired by the divine intelligence

Created just for you

Written by Jon Wilkinson