Understanding the Teenage Medium

Accepting the idea that you are a medium and working with spirit can be a challenge at any age but in today’s world, it’s even more challenging for the teenage mediums as they are unfolding their own personality, creating a new world, a new way of being that seems so foreign and strange to their peers and to the world at large. It is time that we all take a step back and revisit this concept of mediumship through logic unattached to the story of the dead people. As we all move into our new normal, we need to re-educate ourselves in so many ways so I wanted to take this opportunity to offer some new insights about mediumship as it pertains to the teenage medium. To understand the teenage medium we must first look at their childhood as this is where the program for mediumship is first created.

Childhood: The Program for Mediumship Takes its First Breath

Chances are when you think about your childhood, you wouldn’t think that the program for mediumship took its first breath then. It is during this time that we are the easiest to program. We live in  a state of being that is open and accepting to receiving new information. For some, we may recall or have been told stories about our imaginary friends. Or perhaps you remember a time when the stories you were told came to life in your own mind so easily. You were able to turn on this natural ability to experience what you were receiving from your environment and experience it in your inner world also called your imagination, a creative faculty that creates our programming for the mystical to unfold into your life. But what happens when we are told a conflicting story where one talks about magic and the impossible being possible and the other says it’s not real, it’s all in your head, it’s just your imagination? However, the foundation for the mystical was created. Those experiences of the imaginary friends, of the outer world being experienced in our inner world, created that program. But for many, as we enter the education system and begin to grow up and mature, we just accepted the program that it wasn’t real and forgot about the program that allowed for the mystical to unfold into our lives.

The Programming for Mediumship Explained

We now know that our thoughts and feelings create our life as we are currently experiencing it and that our thoughts and feelings have the power to make us sick or well, correct? So our thoughts and feelings create our story and our story creates our program and our program creates our energy and brings to life our story. Do you remember that imagination that we experienced so freely as a child before we were told it wasn’t real, it was just make believe, it was just all in our head? Of course it was all in your head! We were experiencing our environment internally. We were experiencing energy as energy as it was always intended to be. So here’s how we understand mediumship to be in its current form. We have the medium and the medium talks to the dead people or spirit people if you prefer. The spirit people live in this place called the spirit world. So the medium is told a story not unlike the stories we were told as children. You remember those, right? Like the story of Peter Pan. With a happy thought and a pinch of pixie dust, Peter Pan really could fly. So the medium’s thoughts and feelings created this story of the spirit people and the spirit world. The repetition of this creates the program. Then what happens is the program brings the story to life making it real. I would suggest to you that it is entirely possible that we only perceive the spirit people a certain way because of the story we are all told. What is actually happening is that through the program of mediumship, the medium is able to communicate with energy as energy. The information or data from the energy is being expressed and filtered through the medium’s program so that they can make sense of it.  Thus, because we have all for the most part accepted the spirit people and we have an emotional connection to some of these spirit people, they are familiar to us. That is exactly what we get. It is entirely possible that these intelligences we call the spirit people. Aren’t actually spirit people at all but a higher vibrational intelligence capable of being whatever we need them to be. This is all done for our benefit so we feel safe and comfortable. These intelligences can only work within the parameters of our programming.

 Why is it That Some Teenagers Seem to See and Hear Spirit but Others Don’t?

I’ve asked myself this very question many times. I would answer that question like this: we know there is a formula for  the mechanics of mediumship which is very similar to that of the law of attraction or the law of creation if you prefer. Your thoughts and feelings create your story, your story creates your program and your program brings to life the story or draws the experience to you, if you prefer. Understanding this is only half of the equation. There is a catalyst experience for many of us waking up as teenagers because the program for mediumship was already created as a child and our programs can’t actually be deleted. We can only create new programs that become more dominant and take over, if you prefer. There is what I call an activator switch put in place. It’s a feeling. The feeling of love but not the kind of love many experienced from their parents. It’s a soul-to-soul connection of the romantic nature. A vibrational match of similar frequency. This is important. When this teenager comes into contact with this person and has that first experience of the profound experience of love and their heart centre expands, they are moving their body into a higher frequency. They are becoming more energy. The feeling of being in love is best described by some as a feeling of floating, being lighter because you are. You are more energy and less matter. You aren’t as focused on yourself and are more focused on them and this energy you feel in your heart we call ‘being in love’. This frequency then turned on the mediumship program and the teenage medium is having these experiences, seeing these silhouette, shadow-looking people or possibly hearing these voices or having these energetic experiences that they can’t explain when with this person or sometimes when they’re not. It’s not uncommon for any of us to think that something might be wrong with us or to think we may have lost it because let’s face it, this information isn’t really taught, is it? So it isn’t that only some teenagers see and hear spirits it’s that the programming that allowed the medium to wake up was turned back on. By that soul-to-soul connection experience. That vibrational match that sent that signal via the heart centre and switched on the program automatically.

Now We Understand the Teenage Medium

Now that we understand the teenage medium and that there is a formula, a process that we are all intended and supposed to go through. But for some of us, the other programming that told us it was all in our head, it’s not real, was just louder and stayed the dominant program. So you see, we all have the potential to be a medium and that all teenagers have the potential to be a teenage medium as they experience this faculty we call mediumship as they experience that first love and that program gets switched back on. Hopefully now, as we are armed with a foundation, a strong model of understanding, perhaps we can all move forward as mediums of tomorrow and find a pathway that is right for each individual. But please remember that ultimately the choice is up to each individual if they choose to work with these higher vibrational intelligences we call the spirit people at all. For some, they will jump at the chance. Others won’t want anything to do with it all until much later in life. Respect their wishes whatever they may be. We can’t force this on anybody but remember that the program for mediumship isn’t going anywhere. Trust that the teenage medium will know the right path for them to walk in their own unfoldment process of accepting their own spirit’s journey while here on earth.

Inspired by the divine Intelligence

Created just for you

Written by Jon Wilkinson